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Tips to increase engagement on your property’s website

Users doing online research before planning their travels can be affected by website contents in different ways as they are in the decision-making process.

The recent study about ‘travel-related content habits, carried out by EMS (Expedia Media Solutions) and comScore, has revealed significant tips that can provide guidance to staff members engaged in property marketing and contents. The study discusses this issue in detail.

We have covered the study’s highlights about travel related content and user engagement that you would like to learn about.


The findings of study show how critical the Internet is with regards to traveling. According to the report prepared in response to the study, there has been an 8 year-over-year percent increase in the online traveling spending, which will continue to grow at the same rate in the future. Here are the other striking details.

The time computer users spend on checking travel-related content has increased by 2 percent in a year. This means higher engagement through content for properties.
There is a remarkable growth especially on mobile platforms. The total minutes spent for travel-related content through mobile devices have increased by 45 percent, while travel-related content engagement through mobile devices has increased by 52 percent and the total time for using mobile devices has increased by 28 percent.
Those wanting to travel spend more time on checking the travel-related content when they use different devices to do online research.
The minutes spent by those planning to travel for travel-related online content has increased by 93 percent within the last 3-year period. This increase shows that there is a high demand for online travel-related content.
In light of this information, it may be concluded that mobile compatibility is essential to ensure engagement with travel-related content, which means that properties without mobile-compatible websites are at a great disadvantage.

Pre-booking content engagement

In the pre-booking stage of traveling planning process, OTAs and airline sites are among the websites visited first, each with 18 percent. Properties’ sites constitute 15 percent of first visits.

The study indicates that, among the first sources of reference for travel planning, word of mouth opinions and suggestions, metasearch and industrial media constitute lower shares like 10 percent, 4 percent and 6 percent respectively.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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