Turn your guests’ special occasions into an advantage for your property

Your property can become the favorite place for travelers: What makes you special in the eye of guests may be your service quality, the promised comfort level, your food service, the hospitable and professional approach of your staff members or… your splendid scenery. However, these might not be enough alone to become an all-time-preferred property for special occasions.

Hosting special events like birthdays, weddings or anniversaries is a precious opportunity to build customer loyalty and promote your property. Research shows that 7 of every 10 travelers travel for the purposes of celebrating their anniversary, birthday or honeymoon. You can make your guests feel special by taking advantage of these celebrations in the best way and help them emotionally bond with your property. Over time, it is even possible for you to turn this into part of your corporate culture by training your employees and eliminating your organizational insufficiencies in the process.

As HotelRunner, we have researched the added value which can be provided by special anniversaries celebrated every year that are probably among milestones in your guests’ lives.

A welcome basket

Your guests traveling possibly hundreds or even thousands of kilometers to reach your property would like to feel special when they arrive. They can add you in their list of memorabilia thanks to your warm welcome accompanied by a welcome basket on the special occasions notified beforehand.

Meeting the expectations

Your guests may request that the entire event is organized in your property. This is a sign of trust that should be considered not only as a great advantage but also a great responsibility. In such cases, you should know if the requests for food-beverage, service, music and extra services are met. You can think of turn-key package programs for birthdays, wedding anniversaries or a romantic organization for a wedding proposal for your guests.

Achieving loyalty and satisfaction

As events like birthdays or wedding anniversaries get repeated every year, you can turn this into an advantage for your property. Just use a calendar as a reminder where you can simply note down special days and celebration dates for your customers. At first, your efforts to record special days for your guests one by one may seem useless, but an invitation or a courtesy call you’re your side every year can lead to a remarkable increase in the number of repeat bookings.

Remember your little guests

In your property, you host guests of various ages and from several generations at the same time. Considering the adults, we can see that more than half of the services are designed for them. What they care about the most is without doubt the little individuals of their families. You better take your little guests into account if the case is a special occasion of a family with children. Special playfields, game arcades and availability of expert staff will reinforce a trust-based relationship between you and your customers.

By providing extra services and elaborating on details, you can also help your property distinguish itself from competitors in the eyes of your guests. One of the best methods to always remain in their minds is to remember them and make professional gestures on their special days. HotelRunner provides you with its knowledge and experience regarding its advanced platform as to how you can enhance and manage customer loyalty. Create your HotelRunner account now and carry your property to the Internet.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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