Using coupon codes on hotel websites and its advantages

Promotional offers are among the most effective ways for hotels to increase their customer volume in the tourism industry. Within the scope of such promotional efforts, hotels can offer a wide range of discounts and free-of-charge services. Customers are satisfied when they begin their holiday with advantages as they can enjoy such discounts and free-of-charge services according to the room types, accommodation period and the number of guests. Customers entitled to a discount or free-of-charge service can also be entitled to a promotion by using a coupon code when booking as their stay is within the scope of a coupon code sent by the website.

HotelRunner builds a platform for you to manage such promotional activities with its promotion widget. What are the privileges offered by this coupon code and how to use it? Here is what you need to know about coupon codes your customers will enjoy thanks to HotelRunner’s promotion engine.

How to use a coupon code?

Coupon codes lead your customers to booking through your hotel’s website. Accessible through your website for discounts and free-of-charge services, this coupon code can also be benefitted to create a viral effect through social media posts, depending on the use of promotion engine. By utilizing the promotion engine, you can reward the customers who post their booking details on social media platforms, thus you can enhance social media engagement.

Advantages offered by coupon code

Offering deals by providing a coupon code on your hotel’s website can be considered as a major step in increasing your customer potential. Your customer potential will be boosted as the number of direct bookings on your website increase. This way, you will incraese your followers on social media and build a target group to share your promotional updates and offer discounts within that scope.

Additionally, customers satisfied by their promotional accommodation experience can be turned into permanent customers. Customers will follow your property to catch up with the future discount offers for accommodation and free-of-charge services by using a coupon code again.

HotelRunner provides the latest industrial technologies for your hotel in the most effective way thanks to its promotion engine which boosts profitability and customer potential. Why don’t you also make use of the coupon code method for your hotel’s website by checking various discount rates? Create your demo account now to benefit from the expertise of HotelRunner and increase engagement on your hotel’s website and social media platforms.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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