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Visual social media marketing in property promotion

We have previously mentioned social media optimization. One of the important points touched upon in that article was that use of images is one of the latest social media marketing trends. Various analyses reveal that the engagement rate of visual content on social media is higher than those of others. 63 percent of social media posts consist of images. A study suggests that 29 percent of users purchasing products through Pinterest make their purchase decision after examining the details presented within the visual content.

Video contents and infographics shared in various social media platforms may increase content engagement rate. This recent interest in visual content brings to the front the concept of visual social media marketing. As HotelRunner, we have scrutinized this concept that can make your property’s social media marketing activities more effective.

What is visual social media marketing?

The concept of “visual social media marketing” touched upon in the industry is also referred to as “visual storytelling” or “visual content marketing”. Visual social media marketing basically aims to communicate the intended message to user through photos or videos on social media platforms.

Why is use of images preferred?

One of the reasons why visual posts are on the increase is that users prefer easy-to-consume content on social media. Another reason for the increase of visual posts on social media is the demand for microblogs. Use of images is the easiest way to communicate the message intended to be given on platforms like Twitter where characters are limited. On social networks based overwhelmingly on image sharing despite no restriction on written content, like Instagram, the most effective way to carry out successful social media marketing depends on posting images.

Which images are shared the most?

Use of images has a much more important role in social media marketing of hotels. Your sharing activity can be more effective if you create quality images and support them with stories to promote your property and increase your service quality. Recently, the infographics are often encountered in social media networks. You can also adapt this content type which is mostly supported by statistic data to your property marketing activity. For instance, an infographic you will create under an effective title like “10 reasons for you to prefer our hotel” can impress your followers on social media.

Using your guests’ visual posts

When your guests share the photos they take during their stay in your property with you through social media, this can be a peerless source from which to create an effective visual content. Images your guests share with you can help you create interesting stories and effective social media posts.

You can also increase the engagement in the digital platforms through social media marketing. As HotelRunner, we aim to take your property steps ahead, and try to share the tips that will distinguish you from your rivals. If you would like to, you can visit our website and create your account now, so you can become online within seconds and enjoy all our offers that will contribute to your property in competing.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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