What are the criteria of men and women as they make hotel booking decisions?

We do not know if women are from Venus, or that men are from Mars, yet we know that there are stark differences between the two genders. We can observe these differences in almost any case and they only make it more difficult for marketing specialists to promote their own products and services both to women and men.

Things become even more complicated when it comes to a difficult market such as the accommodation industry. Although it appears challenging to promote both for women and men, it might be easier than you think if you know their priorities beforehand and take them into consideration.

What are the different expectations and criteria of men and women when booking hotels?

Which one cares more about promotions? Men or women?

Which one uses social media more effectively as they decide on which property to stay at? Men or women?

You will find the answers to all these questions in this special file prepared by the expert team of HotelRunner who is well-acquainted with the accommodation industry.

Quality is of top priority for women

Quality is the primary criterion for women when they make hotel booking decisions. Quality of service provided by a property is one of the determining factors for ladies who focus on details. From the staff’s communication with guests to impeccable service, quality is what women seek in almost every aspect of their accommodation experience.

Aesthetics is another aspect women care about. The lobby of your property and the decoration of rooms are also among the highly significant factors that women take into account. Compared to men, women care more about the visual presentation of a property they will stay at, which is a complementary aspect of its overall quality.

Key criteria of women include restaurant menus as well. For ladies who are both gourmand but striving to staying fit, it is crucial to be offered rich and healthy low-calorie options in menus.

Price is the top criterion for men

Men first focus on the price when booking hotels. However, you should not conclude that men prefer low-cost hotels.  Rather, they consider if the pricing of a property actually matches its features and quality. A price difference between properties with similar features leads them to prefer the lower cost one.

For men, the facilities and features offered at a property matter as well. Properties offering various features, whether paid or free-of-charge can achieve a higher rank in the men’s list of preferred bookings. In this respect, properties with entertainment and sports facilities are more advantageous.

Location is another aspect that has a role in their hotel booking preferences. If a property is close to tourist attractions, this will be another advantage in its path to be chosen by men.

Focus on social media marketing for female guests

HotelRunner suggests,  properties interested in expanding the number of their female guests to become more active on social media. You can take your property one step ahead of the competition once you explore the power of social media to access women who compare alternatives on the Internet before booking and do not want any unwelcoming surprises regarding their choices.

Communicating with female guests on social media, answering their questions (if any) and extending interaction with them should be among the priorities of properties.

Rely on the power of promotion for male guests

Male guests who care about costs when booking a hotel spend a lot of time searching the Internet and checking out the opportunities and promotions offered by hotels. If you would like them to prefer your property and to book rooms, the promotions you will launch in different periods can help you.

Announce your promotions on your website as well as on your social media accounts to draw their attention.

The cloud-based HotelRunner platform has everything you need to promote your hotel on the Internet and accept online bookings. Create your HotelRunner account and make your website a part of the digital world now.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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