What can your property gain from starting a corporate blog?

In the digital era, brands seek different ways to express themselves through publishing and to gain recognition. Content and dialogue are among the most basic goals of social media, as in all emerging public relation platforms. Today’s corporate blogs are among the most significant indicators of how businesses have adapted themselves to the digital era. They also open the gateway for properties to rank in the top results in organic searches.

Corporate blogs are channels to get started with customer relations management in digital PR activities. Providing added value for building and enhancing online recognition, blogs are also sources of information where you can bring together your guest in the most effective and natural way.

What can your property gain from a corporate blog?

Although the content differs depending on the topics to handle, corporate blogs provide a wide range of advantages for properties in addition to traditional publishing. They can be summarized as follows:

Keep constant interaction with your guests at low cost,
Inform your guests and potential guests as well as your existing and potential staff members,
Eliminate the unnoted about your property and build customer sincerity and loyalty,
Manage complaints effectively by working like an online representative,
Understand regional needs and expectations.

Information sharing instead of marketing

Blogs are significant sources of information and tools for properties to express themselves and their services. Functioning as a channel where visitors can satisfy their curiosity, corporate blogs need to be transparent and solution-oriented, two of their required, essential characteristics. Corporate blogs are not channels for marketing in the way we are familiar with. They should rather contain original and valuable information about your property and industry. Training and motivation are cost-effective ways to expand your customer base.

Cost-effective optimization

Although they do not fit in the typical marketing definition, blogs actually function as channels for content marketing. Therefore, your content should not only be meaningful, but its structure should also be compatible with search engines. This way, you can enhance your service and brand recognition, while taking the first step towards social customer relations management (social CRM) by enriching your guest database.

Touch your guests

Being present on social media might not be enough for businesses to intensify their interaction with customers. Corporate blogs, too, are social and active channels. Blogs provide the opportunity of building an emotional connection between guests and properties and one of their biggest advantages is that they belong to you, so you are the one to control them to a large extent.

Offering a 7/24 online communication platform for properties, blogs are one of the strongest channels for content marketing. As information on the Internet is permanent, you can become more preferable in time and increase your income by enhancing your brand and service recognition. You can manage all your sales and marketing channels easily and update them simultaneously with HotelRunner which can address all your marketing needs. Create your account now to benefit from innumerable features of HotelRunner.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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