What do guests expect from a hotel when on a business trip?

Businesspeople are always on the move. Some employees of business firms, financial organizations and banks regularly travel for the purposes of sales, new business contracts and promotion of their products. This has been an established fact for years except the frequency of travels.

Today, the line between national and international markets is rapidly becoming porous. Travel times have significantly shortened, with relatively low-costs. All these developments have increased the number of people on business trips and the frequency of their travels.

And unsurprisingly, business travels bring with it the need for accommodation. Yes, any property can offer a room and a shower. However, the expectations of businesspeople from hotels are now higher. Here are the basic expectations of your guests while on a business trip…

Location and/or getting there

The travel of a guest on business trip does not end once s/he checks in. Even though your guest stays in your hotel at nights, s/he would also go out frequently for negotiations and meetings in daytime. You are lucky if your hotel is close to the city centre or to the landmarks of business and industry in the city. Research shows that professionals on a business trip mostly and easily accept extra prices in order to accommodate in central locations.

Unless your property is not in a central location, it is possible to compensate this setback. You could offer a private driver service, either free of charge or for a reasonable fee, and meet their transportation needs, while maximizing their satisfaction through such a VIP treatment.

Unlimited communication

In our age, unlimited and uninterrupted communication ranks among the most important needs of businesspeople. Indeed, the modern world has necessitated communication options that go beyond telephone and fax machines. Be sure that a guest on a business trip would like to receive an Internet service in your property. By Internet, we mean a fast, broadband Internet connection.

Some hotels still offer Internet as a paid service. If your aim is to run an attractive hotel for businesspeople, though, you might have to consider unlimited and free of charge Internet as an added value that you prefer to offer for your guests.


All guests ask for comfort. However, when it comes to businesspeople, the scope of comfort is to be enlarged. Above all, professionals who are frequently on business trips have experienced and got to know many hotels until today. Therefore, they can easily distinguish a perfect hotel from a simply ‘good’ hotel. That’s why details begin to matter. You need to offer more than a comfortable bed and a warm shower. When you enlarge the scope of comfort in a way to include friendly, hospitable service and safety, you could grasp the expectations of your guests on a business trip.

Details that make life easier

As people on business trip prefer to have smaller luggage they may lack some basic objects that might be needed. It would be an advantage for you to meet a wide range of needs from cleaning products to basic clothing.

Moreover, you need to make sure that all the devices in the guestrooms and common spaces are clean and functioning. A desk and a comfortable chair as well as availability of stationary materials would help you earn plus points.

We hope that those tips could help you establish long-term relations with your professional guests who would prefer your complex once again in their next trip. Therefore, you could devote more time to the management and marketing of your property. HotelRunner will be your guide whenever you need. Do not waste more time and sign up for an HotelRunner account in order to increase your sales now.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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