What do guests expect from a hotel when on vacation?

The Internet age we have been experiencing has changed many of our old habits. Today we complete our tasks more rapidly and practically thanks to the Internet. Online services have also paved the way for radical changes in accommodation industry. The first step of going on a vacation today is going online first, in order to pick the facility of our choice. The long path of decision making and generally the booking process are also completed on the Internet.

Patterns of marketing and sales in accommodation industry have changed. However, the essence of the business has not. Yes, decision-making and booking process of 10-15 years ago worked out differently but the expectations of guests from a hotel when on vacation remain intact.

Time is ticking faster in this new age. Faced with the hustle and bustle of daily operations, hotel managers may well overlook the most fundamental expectations of guests from a hotel. Let’s remember what guests expect from holiday resorts…

Hassle-free check-in

Your guests have come a long way, for hours in the best scenario. Unsurprisingly, the first thing they wish is relaxation in their rooms as soon as possible. Their satisfaction would be higher if you keep them waiting at the reception as short as possible. If their rooms are ready, let them settle in their room regardless of their check-in time. If the room is not ready, make sure they are comfortable while waiting for their room. They would probably be thirsty and hungry following hours of journey. The best way to gain time would be treating them with some snacks and drinks while their room is being prepared.

First problems

The first few hours following your guests’ check-in would be the time period they could mostly experience problems. Unless they have accommodated in your complex before, they might face problems varying from the place of power outlets to the location of restaurants.  They might need extra towels, pillows or blankets… So, it would be a good idea to make sure everything is working out smoothly for your guests in the few hours following their check-in. Note that the patience of your newly-checked in guests would be lower than those happy and comfortable guests of yours, who have been already staying in your hotel for a few days.

Friendly and hospitable personnel

It might be an ordinary business day for you and for your personnel. Your guest, however, earned this holiday after a busy year, and thus righteously wishes to see everything working out perfectly. Friendly hotel personnel, available to help anytime, would be the only scene they’d wish to see during their vacation which was well deserved following hard work.

Your guests would feel they are sincerely tended to when your personnel ask if they need anything, how they find the food and if they are satisfied with their rooms. A guest is a happy guest if s/he feels special.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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