What do wellness travelers expect from your property?

A healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular among those tired of the chaos of city life and the lack of exercise due to the next-generation business life. The reflections of this situation has become more visible in the accommodation industry. Demand is increasing for properties’ sports areas, and so are wellness related expectations.

To understand how important this is, you can determine the priority needs of wellness travelers with the help of a wide range of studies. The first point of highlight revealed by the survey conducted by Software Advice, a company that reviews hotel management tools, is that there is a general increase in the number of potential guests looking for features like gym and sports equipment in properties. The second one is that they are ready to pay more for these features.

What else do they consider? Here are the expectations of wellness travelers from your property…

Preferred amenities

39 percent of those that took part in the survey stated that they prefer availability of a gym in a property. 36 percent prefer properties that provide the option of healthy food. As a result, it can be argued that these two are the most preferred features in properties. Additionally, those looking for fitness classes constitute 13 percent, while those asking for sports equipment like bikes and running kits constitute about 11 percent.

The most sought-after amenities for sports activities

With 36%, a professional lap pool is among the most preferred amenities.  A lap pool promises both sports and fun time. Another preferred feature is smartphone units, with 26 percent. Potential guests demand special sections on cardio equipment to place their smartphones or tablets. This demand is followed with yoga decks by 20 percent. Finally, the need for fitness trainers comes by with 18 percent.

Preferred menu alternatives

As a part of the amenities mentioned above, guests prefer consuming low-calorie food. Studies show that 33 percent of hotel guests demand a menu consisting of low-calorie food options. 28 percent of guests demand a special beverage bar like a vitamin bar that contains healthy drinks. The rest of the 28 percent demand an organic menu, while the rest 11 percent demand a gluten-free menu.

The gym classes preferred by guests

The gym classes preferred by potential guests particularly include zumba, yoga and crossfit. Zumba ranks first with 31 percent, which is followed by Yoga/Pilates with 30 percent and Crossfit with 27 percent. The majority of men prefer Crossfit, while women particularly prefer Yoga and Pilates.

Preferred sports kits

Running kits are demanded the most among sports kits by 31 percent. 30 percent generally prefer weightlifting gym kits used in gyms. 24 percent prefer cycling kits. The remaining 15 percent demand yoga kits.

The abovementioned offerings are crucial for your property to be preferred by potential guests caring about a healthy lifestyle. More wellness travelers can book from your property with the availability of decent gyms and restaurants with healthy menus. It is critical to both meet these needs and introduce them at the same time. HotelRunner is there for you to promote your property through your own website and social networks and accept direct online bookings. Create your free-of-charge HotelRunner account now and start increasing your sales immediately.


Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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