What do your guests expect from your hotel’s fitness center?

Accommodation today means much more than a good night’s sleep. Your guests enjoy an escape away from daily hustle and bustle of life, while not necessarily preferring to part ways with their basic habits during their stay. Many of us have welcomed fitness among our daily habits in the face of an ever increasing pace of life. Thus many guests would like to continue with it even when they are on vacation.

Fitness centers, pools and spas have now become a standard facility offered by many hotels. Some special-themed hotels and many chains of hotels have gone beyond this standard, preparing customized fitness schedules for their guests to follow and offering services such as guided outdoor jogging.

You do not need to change your concept only to meet your guests’ expectations from a fitness center but you might at least have a look at the tips HotelRunner has compiled to help your guests check out even more satisfied.

Working out in the room

You could be appreciated to a great extent if you provide to your busy guests, with no time to drop by the fitness center, the opportunity to work out in their room. You also do not need to furnish such a room, which would attract guests on business trips, with sophisticated equipment, either. Portable tools would just be enough such as dumbbells for weight lifting, materials for skip roping and a Pilates ball. Fitness-themed DVDs instructing on use of these tools would be a complementing detail.

Environmentally-friendly fitness equipment

Taking into account how environmentally-friendly most sports lovers are, picking fitness equipment made of environmentally-friendly materials could be a good idea for your fitness center. The market offers a lot when it comes to tools featuring green materials, from yoga mats to Pilates balls. You can even find energy saving fitness equipment.. Do not forget to emphasize how “green” your fitness center is at the entrance and on your website.

Guided outdoor activities

Having guests staying at your hotel would not necessarily mean that they would not love to go out for some outdoor activities. If your hotel is surrounded with sport-friendly spots, you could plan in advance to organize guided outdoor activities. This would not only draw the attention of your current guests but also help you receive new guests, if you manage to announce such activities properly.

Hosting ‘star’ guides

If you run an upper-class hotel or can afford it, you could offer your guests the chance to work out guided by a prestigious trainer or a popular sportsman, which would help spread the name of your hotel in the field of fitness. By preparing the schedule in advance, such a ‘star’ guide alone could significantly contribute to your sales.

Partnering with well-known fitness centers

If there is a well-known fitness center in your hotel’s location, you might  get the thumbs up by offering your guests free of charge work out hours there.

Improving fitness facilities of your hotel might be an efficient way to maintain your existing guests’ loyalty and to attract new customers who are interested in fitness. However, you must be able to promote both your hotel and such facilities in the most efficient way. Should you wish to see HotelRunner’s advantages from room sales to promotion activities, just spend a few minutes and visit this address to subscribe.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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