What do your guests think about property assessments?

Each year hundreds of guests stay at your property and each of them benefit from your services and offers. Most of them leave your property in a satisfied way, while some may have a lower level of satisfaction. Some of the guests prefer sharing both their satisfaction and complaints -if any- after they leave the property.

Property assessments are basically made in three ways. The first one is assessment forms; the second one is social media; and the third one is feedbacks sent through e-mail. These assessments might provide you with peerless opportunities of eliminating problems and enhancing your service quality.

You can also learn how your guests benefit from your services and offers and if they are satisfied with them through various methods.

Properties responding positively to guest comments

Some properties definitely want to receive comments during their guests stay at their place. This feedback offers great opportunities in terms of providing a better service, according to experts. Managers, in particular, care so much when guests provide an assessment for their property as an outsider from a totally different perspective. As they also consider feedback to be very important for the management of their property, they also believe that this actually enhances their service quality and serves in the favor of the guests themselves.

Those considering the guest comments as unnecessary

As we mentioned above, receiving feedback is pretty effective for a property to review services and customer satisfaction. However, some properties believe that these assessment forms or cards put a pressure on guests and decrease their satisfaction level due to the feeling of obligation. They believe that service quality should be enhanced independent from customer comments, thus they do not matter as much as they are thought to.

Properties using social media as an alternative

Some properties believe that it is not a good idea to focus neither solely on the assessments forms nor the service quality to achieve the targeted goal. Such properties aim at social media to obtain feedback from guest comments without putting a pressure on them. They state that they can receive feedbacks simultaneously by being present on multiple social media channels and they can access some of their guests through e-mailing. Therefore, they both achieve customer satisfaction with their campaigns and make it possible for to evaluate their property with the help of a few questions.

When generally considered, there is a wide range of approaches for properties when it comes to enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction. To decide on which one is the best for you, you should be able to know your own guest profile and distinguish the most preferable one for them. At this point, HotelRunner can help you carry your property to the Internet in the easiest way by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest. Create your free-of-charge account now and start earning immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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