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What does Pinterest’s new feature “Place Pin” mean for your property?

Pinterest’s role in hotel marketing is getting bigger. Previously, we mentioned Pinterest, which offers peerless methods for you to promote your hotel with its most vivid images. In case you missed it, we suggest you to check our article titled “how to use Pinterest for your hotel and how to measure its impact” before you continue reading this one.

Pinterest keeps improving its features to address properties that use Pinterest social media channel for marketing and sales purposes. “Place Pin”, introduced by Pinterest just recently, is of particular interest to the accommodation industry.

Let’s check what Pinterest’s new feature Place Pin means for your property.What does Pinterest’s new feature “Place Pin” mean for your property?

What is Place Pin?

Place Pin is a feature that allows users to have more interaction options for the images (that is, “pins”) they post on Pinterest. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to add details such as location, address and telephones to pins. This way, the other users viewing this pin can also be informed by all the details entered, using it like a virtual travel assistant.

What does it mean for your property?

Place Pin allows users to mark and enter details for various places over the world. The other users following them can check their Place Pins and access all these details easily. Place Pins featuring your property will gain you recognition as well as the potential to achieve more direct sales, as these Place Pins will include details like the telephone number of your property.

Interesting examples for Place Pin

The best way to understand how Place Pin works is just to check some of the interesting examples. Here is a Place Pin example created by Conde Nast Traveler that is titled “Top Ten Hotels in the World”. Another example is “Gastronomic Travel”, compiled by Four Seasons Hotels. Travel Channel’s Place Pin titled “East Coast Beach Crawl” is also one of the examples covering a specific area.

This is just the beginning

If you have checked the examples, you must have also noticed that, when you click on related links to receive more information, you are redirected to the Foursquare pages of properties so that you can see more property photos uploaded by users. However, Place Pin is just a beginning for Pinterest’s efforts related to the accommodation industry. It will not be surprising to see that Place Pin will be further developed to have more features that you can use to promote your property and achieve direct online sales. Therefore, you had better focus on Place Pin immediately to learn more.

Besides, you should do so not only when it comes to Pinterest, but also for all social network sites in general. In the upcoming days, social media will keep on offering many innovations helpful for the accommodation industry. All you need is a HotelRunner account to design your own website and to make use of Social Media’s power and increase your sales by receiving online bookings. Create your account for free now and see the benefits of HotelRunner yourself.

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