What is ahead for the accommodation industry in 2014?

As countdown to 2014 has begun, next years trends expected for the accommodation industry have become clearer. While gearing up for the upcoming season just like they do each year, properties can take the advantage of getting one step ahead by taking the latest developments into account.

The competition in the accommodation industry intensifies each day, so the expectations of customers are affected by price sensitivity, while the impact of social media is becoming more visible.

It is apparent that standard hotel concepts and niche businesses will be on the winning side. With their professional planning activities and market recognition, branded hotel chains might get through tough times of the upcoming year more comfortably and successfully than the others. Properties that go beyond the standards with a standout style can enjoy more favorable developments during such periods.

Let’s check the trends that are expected to affect the success of properties in 2014…

Based on a research carried out on this subject in KendallCollege, Chicago, we have compiled the anticipated trends for you.

The Accommodation Industry Is Growing – Those With International Experience Are One Step Ahead

The travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, it is estimated that 328 million employees will be working in the accommodation industry by 2022. Employees should have international knowledge, so that they can provide more effective services for customers. In addition to being competent in a foreign language, they have to be familiar with different cultures of many nations as well as manners and customs. Within this scope, qualified and experienced employees will evidently become more valuable, so properties that intend to grow in the accommodation industry should inevitably put more emphasis on HR.

Your image on social media is your overall reputation

The infinite power of the Internet has a direct impact on the revenue of a property. Online reputation for properties is dramatically affecting the number of guests that might prefer these properties. For instance, we know that a large number of guests are reading the comments on properties’ TripAdvisor pages before they decide on where to stay. In HotelRunner blog, we have already shared with you the articles on how social media affects the accommodation industry. This matter will remain critical in the upcoming year as well.

A classical touch on the drinks

A well-known taste will be added to the list of drinks served at the bars of properties: Tea. For the upcoming year, bar menus may become more enriched with this addition of tea, which might ginger up cocktails with various flavors.

Also, beer preferences of the past are now enjoying renewed interest. Sour beer that is brewed through traditional methods in Germany and Belgium is expected to be the number one item on demand in 2014.

Ecological properties are gaining value

As you can remember, we have previously told you about the green hotels. Conscious companies that care about and feel responsible for future generations and environmental sustainability are on the path to become the indispensable choice in the industry . Fresh and domestic products and quality service will continue to be what guests expect from the properties. Also, accommodation businesses resorting to ecological solutions in order to handle rising energy costs will become more economic in the long run. The properties that start their investments right now will enter 2014 one step ahead.

New adaptations to room services

Adding new concepts to the outdated room services generates revenue. Attractive features such as themed or digital menus and drink options will contribute to a good quality room service.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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