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What lies in the future of the accommodation industry?

Over the last decade, the dynamics of the accommodation industry have been dramatically developing and changing, and are they continuing to develop at a constant pace.  As Internet access has become more common and mobile devices have undergone technological revolutions, new definitions and opportunities have arisen in the accommodation industry just like in every line of business.

Various sources express a wide range of predictions and claims as to the future of the industry. However, there are some common points as well:  Forecasts for the digital world can be classified into mainly: Mobility, Social Media and Integration. Let’s have a look at these main topics that are thought to shape the overall frame regarding the future of the accommodation industry.


Developing mobile applications for your property or having a mobile-compatible website is more than advantageous now; it has become a must. Each day we can observe that Internet access is moving away from desktops. Easier access to mobile technologies and high-speed Internet as well as the revolution of wearable technologies might affect the accommodation industry in a more dramatic way than ever. We can say that mobility will become more important for properties as long as applications related to accommodation are developed and practicality increases.

Integration with different platforms

Since users utilize different platforms tailored for their needs, the integration between them has also become important. Users can now do research through their tablets and conclude their booking process through their notebooks, or when a specific social network may not meet their needs, they might resort to other social network sites to meet their needs. Your potential guests’ tendency to personalize their user experience is a challenge you have to face. Therefore, it might be a good way to invest in the future of your property by considering interaction with different platforms when building your infrastructure.

Social media and socializing

The interaction brought by social platforms seems to maintain its relevance in the future. It is inevitable that new platforms will emerge on the Internet, where users spend most of their time, helping them to have better communication with products and services as much as they have among themselves. Currently, it is considered almost certain that social networks will remain popular in the upcoming years as well. It will become even more crucial than ever for properties to communicate with potential guests by using social media.

The accommodation industry appears to go a longer way in the future thanks to the Internet. It is critical to follow user habits and keep up with these changes as soon as possible. HotelRunner offers your property a professional integrated infrastructure support under cost effective conditions. HotelRunner supports you in your needs such as mobile-compatibility and keeping up with social media.  Create your account now to improve your recognition and catch up with these developments.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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