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What replaces the lost keywords on Google Analytics?

If you are using Google’s free Analytics tool to follow the visitor statistics of your website, you must be among those who have recently noticed the interesting thing going on there: the phrase “not provided” pops up on the top among the Keywords.

This raises eyebrows especially for those relying on SEO because important keywords are becoming invisible on Analytics.  Making it more difficult to find out the keywords that have had a positive impact on the performance of your website and the keywords proved not to be that effective.

Then what should one do against the invisibility of keywords that play a major role in SEO studies?

Quality content matters more than keywords

First of all, the recent development should not mislead you in concluding that SEO is not important anymore. You may not see the keywords that create traffic on your website; however they still have an impact. As it is not possible to measure them anymore, you may have to change your approach towards SEO studies.

Having quality content has become more important than keywords as a result of this change. Now, potential guests visiting your website should be able to find what they are looking for and you should create such content that they feel eager to share. This matters more than creating content based on some particular phrases.

Do not miss other alternatives helping you measure

Note that there are alternatives other than Analytics such as Yandex Metrica that provides website visitor statistics. Although other firms providing website statistics will follow Google in measuring keywords in a less comprehensive way as a matter of privacy, you better know about alternatives anyway.

Also, keywords are not your only method to measure: Analytics contains other diverse and valuable statistics about your website. For example, info about “Channels” is still significant, which shows you the important traffic sources of your website.

Additionally, “Home Pages”, i.e. the most popular entrance pages, the location of visitors and the “Targets” section are still quite helpful.

Plan how to create content

As quality content has become more important, it has been indispensable to manage it systematically. You better plan what content you will provide for your property during critical seasons by preparing a calendar that covers a year if possible.

According to the majority of content planning studies, the content used to be planned in accordance with the performance of keywords rather than the calendar approach. However, Analytics does not allow you to place utmost attention on keywords anymore. That’s why it has become a must to create content based on your calendar that can benefit you more efficiently in the long run.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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