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What should be the ideal posting frequency on social media for more sales?

Repeating the messages is crucial in your communication with potential guests. However, too frequent a repetition might exceed the perception threshold and cause your potential customers to lose interest.

Unfortunately, there is not a single and definitive rule for social media posting frequency. Therefore, you should make use of your target audience’s reactions when deciding on what to do for your online agency’s digital marketing activities. When posting frequency is much higher than required for that platform, followers will be tired of it, while a low posting frequency can cause followers to lose their interest and stop following.

As HotelRunner, we have prepared some important tips on ‘sharing frequencies’ that will increase your online agency’s interaction on social media, based on the recent studies.

Posting frequency for Facebook

Having studied Facebook content for three months, SocialBakers found out that large brands send 1 post on average every day. It also found out that posting once a week is so low that it can “break the connection with the target audience”, while posting twice a day is “too much and can bore the readers”, as a general rule. According to the study, when a brand posts 2 times a day and each post receives 58 likes and 78 comments on average and if the brand’s number of posts increases, comment and like rates decrease.

According to a study carried out by Track Social in 2011, the ‘optimal rate’ for sharing frequency is 5-10 times a week. Track Social’s study in 2012 confirmed that the number of responses to more than 1 post decreases although the decrease is not fast.

Based on this information and considering that the new Facebook algorithm attaches a great importance to newly-posted content, the best method for you to follow is sharing 5-10 posts for your interaction rate on Facebook.

Posting frequency for Twitter

Whether the number of Tweets is okay depends on what you want to measure. According to a Twitter study conducted by Social Bakers based on the 11.000 randomly-chosen tweets from large brands, the ideal number of tweets users expect from a brand is 3 tweets per day.

However, 3 posts is not necessarily the best number for your online agency. If your main goal is to increase interaction, a finding from Track Social’s study can be important for you: the interaction rate decreases after the 5th tweet of the day. If you would like to “make the most of” each of your tweets, 5 tweets can be the best choice for you.

Tweeting more can be effective for “retweets” or accessing a larger group of audience. In this case, you can post more if you want to increase your number of followers and access a new group of audience every time. The most effective number determined by Track Social is 30 tweets.

Posting frequency for Google+ and LinkedIn

It is feasible to publish 5-10 posts weekly on Google+, just like on Facebook.

According to an article published on LinkedIn, 20 posts a month can be enough to reach 60 percent of your target audience. This means that you can achieve this by posting once a day on LinkedIn.

You can use the “testing, trying, repeating and improving” method when deciding on your posting frequency on social media. You should be very careful about the fine line between “being informative” and “tiring out” when sharing your posts. HotelRunner is there for you not only to increase your interactions on social media, but also for managing your sales channels in the most effective way and increasing your bookings. Create your free-of-charge account now and start earning.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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