What should you take into account while preparing the content of your website?

Accommodation industry is among the industries where competition is fiercest. Therefore, the goal of your marketing activities must be communicating yourself to potential guests in the best and fastest way possible by using the most effective tools. A website is the first tool to be used for this purpose.

Companies engaged in the accommodation industry can effortlessly establish their own websites thanks to HotelRunner, however a website is not what it only takes. You need to be communicating with your potential guests in the most proper way on your website. The content of your website has the power to directly influence your sales, either positively or negatively. Let’s have a look at some important details of the content hotels’ websites offer.What should you take into account while preparing the content of your website?

Know your target group

Before rushing to write everything that comes to your mind, you need to know who will read the content of your website. You know your target group and of course offer facilities within your complex that meet their expectations. Exactly the same way, the content of your website must offer information that satisfies your target group. Give priority to the details your target group notices for their accommodation requirements.

Be friends with search engines

If your guests are having difficulty finding your website in search engines, having a website might lose its meaning. One of the important features of HotelRunner is its advantages related to search engine optimization. Therefore, rest assured that you’re in a better position if you’re using HotelRunner. You need to, however, be sure include the keywords your potential guests may search for in the content and texts of your website. If your website is multilingual, note that this principle applies to all those languages.

Professional content

The photos and videos of your complex are prepared by the professionals of this field, aren’t they? Exactly the same way, you might seek help of a professional, or appoint the best member of your team, for creation of your website content, one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Use words that sell

The eloquence or literary value of a text might not be enough to encourage a customer to make a reservation. Note that you’re not only selling a room where guests can sleep and that you are actually promising an experience which they will be reluctant to forget for their life time. Evaluate, by taking into consideration the facilities of your complex and your target group, which words could ensure sales and try to use those words as much as possible.

Do not miss referring the exteriors of your complex

Promote the attractions around your complex, if any, which might draw the attention of your guests. If there is not any, or if you do not prefer to advertise those attractions, you can include the location and accessibility of your complex.

Original and updated content

Search engines, just like people, prefer original content. Instead of copy-paste content of other websites, make sure you use original content. Also note that search engines do not necessarily opt for websites with content not being refreshed over time. Therefore, and if possible, enrich the content of your website or re-write the content at certain intervals.

If you wish to use your website as an effective marketing tool, give heed to the afore-mentioned tips and make the most of your website. Please have a look at features page to see what HotelRunner offers you apart from a multilingual website.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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