What you should know about removing obstacles for disabled people in your property

In your property, you are serving guests with different expectations and personal traits. Each of them become content only to the extent that you meet their personal expectations. So, how suitable is your property for people with physical disabilities?

For example, does your property provide them with everything they need during their stay? Do you provide quality facilities that they can use during their spare time? Are your employees trained on the awareness of disabled people?

This post will cover anything you need to know and can do to maximize the customer satisfaction of disabled guests who book rooms from and stay at your property.

Things you need to consider when accommodating disabled guests

It is actually quite easy to ensure that your disabled guests enjoy the comfort of your property and feel at home. You can first begin by modifying the entrance of your property for your disabled guests. This is a critical detail, especially for disabled guests who travel alone.

For instance, you can arrange a special entrance for guests with wheelchairs and assign someone to accompany them to their room in case they need it. There are many details to consider, including designing rooms, adjusting bed height and arranging bathrooms and restrooms so as to ensure comfortable use by the disabled.

Entertainment and activity facilities for everyone

It is highly critical that your property has special activity halls for the disabled or your existing activity halls feature facilities that disabled people can use easily. This will ensure physically-disabled guests to have a more enjoyable and socially satisfactory experience in your property like everyone else.

Some extreme sports activities offered in your property might not be suitable for disabled guests, but you can compensate that with facilities such as cinema, theatre or special shows as well as with visits to museums and historical attractions around your property, which will make everyone feel content.

Make sure to organize trainings on awareness for disabled people

Almost all your staff members should have awareness about this subject. To do this, you can arrange private training sessions for your staff and raise their awareness by helping them empathize with disabled people, which will teach them to help the disabled better.

Facilitate the transportation

You can help your disabled guests with transportation such as to the airport and train stations from your property by providing shuttles for them. Using vehicles suitable for disabled people would be helpful. Also, these vehicles can be used easily for city tours and other sightseeing activities.

If you make your property a better place for physically-disabled guests, who are actually significantly involved both in the economy and in the tourism industry, you will be preferred by millions of them, let alone fulfill a social responsibility. Unfortunately, not all the properties have managed to remove all the obstacles for disabled people yet. If you achieve this, however, you can be one step ahead of the competition.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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