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Which new markets can your property enter via the Internet?

By its nature, the accommodation industry is international. In our era, each property has the potential of accommodating guests from every country. It is possible to remove the borders and enter into new markets with your property, particularly with the more effective use of online tools.

All you need is Internet access and a website to reach these guests from different markets. It means a lot for your property to make use of this big potential. However, it also brings about new questions. Which markets can offer the best opportunities for you and which ones are easier to access through the Internet?

Let’s try to answer these questions by looking into in the information about the use of the Internet in different places across the world.

An overview of Internet usage

2.5 billion of the 7 billion world population are Internet users.  1.85 billion users are actively using the social media. Besides, there are 6,5 billion cell phones in the world.

Internet usage by region

13 percent of the Internet users and 10 percent of social media users live in Western Europe. The Middle East has only about 4 percent for both categories.  The Central and Eastern Europe have 7 percent of these users, while their social media users are 6 percent. The highest numbers are coming from the Eastern Asia. 30 percent of Internet users are from East Asia, while social media usage among these correspond to 37 percent.

Internet usage rate is at highest in North America where 81 percent of the population is connected. This is followed by 78 percent in the Western Europe, 63 percent in Oceania, where countries like Australia and New Zealand are located. Eastern and Central European countries, which are visited by many potential guests, are in the fourth row with a rate of 54 percent. East Asia, with the highest number of Internet users, reaches the fifth row with a rate of 48 percent due to its high population. The Middle East’s rate is a low 37 percent.

Internet usage by country

UK, Germany and France have the highest rate of Internet users in Western Europe according to their population. Russia has 53 percent of usage rate, Japan has 79 percent, and Poland has 65 percent.  And Turkey has about 45 percent. The average usage rate worldwide is 35 percent.

The time spent on the Internet

Users worldwide spend a daily average of 4.8 hours on PCs and laptops and 2.1 hours on mobile devices. In Turkey, people spend 4.9 hours on PCs and laptops and 1.9 hours on mobile devices. Brazil has the highest rate, with 6.1 hours spent on PCs and laptops and 2.4 hours on mobile devices.

The data collected is important for your property. We can see that many potential guests visiting our country have plenty of options for accessing and using the Internet. Additionally, we can see numerous developments in mobile Internet access. Mobile-compatibility has become a must, as suggested by studies like this. Another conclusion is the importance of marketing your property on social media. In our era, it is indispensable for every property to have a website and to be represented on the Internet.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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