Which one is more effective in hotel marketing? Instagram or Pinterest?

The number of worldwide Internet users as of 2013 is estimated to be around 2,3 billion. Facebook, which hosts almost half of the ever-increasing online population, is one of the biggest social network websites but this is not limited to one field. There are many social network websites that differ from each other.

All of them bear considerable importance in terms of digital marketing. However, only a minority of firms in accommodation industry are capable of being active in all of them effectively.

Therefore, it would be wise for you to focus on your marketing activities after determining social networks you will be more active on. Facebook and Twitter must already be on top of your list. Considering Pinterest and Instagram, which one would be a better choice for you?

We have analyzed and evaluated both platforms as HotelRunner for you to make your decision easily.

What is Instagram?

Your photos evolve into pieces of art with Instagram, which is an application that allows you to share the photos you take with your mobile phone.

Usage rate

Instagram has reached a total of 40 million users as of August 2013 and it is already popular among international hotel chains. According to research, 82 per cent of chain hotels are active on Instagram.

The biggest advantage Instagram offers

Its practicality is a big advantage. All you need to do is take an interesting photo and share it by adding effects on it with the help of its special filter structure. In addition, you can encourage your guests to share their photos they take at your hotel on Instagram to include them in your digital marketing activity. This way they can support your promotional activities, while sharing their beautiful moments with their friends.

What is Pinterest?

You can collect images from different websites and share them on a digital platform thanks to Pinterest. Its best feature is that it can considerably contribute to the number of people visiting your website.

Usage rate

Pinterest, which is among social network websites boasting high number of users, stands out as its users spend a lot of time on it. According to research, an average user spends more time on Pinterest compared to the total of average time spent on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

The biggest advantage Pinteres offers

If you enable online reservation options on your website, Pinterest has the potential of becoming an important source of income for you. Another advantage it provides is that you can launch contests on Pinterest in order to increase interaction. Therefore, you will have the chance to introduce your brand, while interacting with your potential guests.

Currently, the importance of digital marketing for accommodation industry has become even more. Social media is also an integrated part of digital marketing. HotelRunner is what you are looking for if you need a website where you can accept online reservations and an extensive but practical system where you can carry out your digital marketing activities. Sign up without using your credit card and take a try with HotelRunner now to see more.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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