Why is cloud computing secure?

How would you feel if the data of your property and your customers were hosted on a remote server? Cloud computing technology facilitates things for the accommodation industry in many aspects; however, many of us do not have enough information about how to secure information on the cloud. In this article, we are trying to answer possible questions about the security of cloud computing which brings great flexibility for businesses in terms of mobility.

The hesitation to deploy cloud computing may be similar to the fear of flying: The way to overcome the feeling of hesitation against every unknown or little-known technology is possible through learning what it actually is. Just like the fact that we accept airways to be statistically the safest form of transportation, it is possible to say that cloud computing is at least as secure as our computers at home or mobile devices. Further information is available below.

What do we understand from cloud computing?

Before moving into questioning the security of cloud computing, let’s check what we can do with it and the type of service we receive. The solutions that come to mind first include Dropbox or Google Docs, each among cloud computing applications and services for consumers and the business world. Cloud computing generally consists of popular services that provide access to documents through a web application or mobile devices by using our existing Internet access without deploying any application on our personal computers.

The unseen part of cloud includes cloud operations in a broader sense: The advantages of cloud computing can be experienced during operations like running an application with the help of remote computer clusters, and providing access to databases or different tools. The pricing model for these services that aim to save time and power while running an application differ depending on the rate of use just like in Internet services. But how do these services secure the service they provide?

Advanced data encryption

In cloud computing, information is secured through encryption. Each service featuring this technology deploys encryption methods at differing levels when transferring data. For example, cloud computing services like Google Cloud Storage and HotelRunner deploy 128-bit encryption. HotelRunner secures payment through PCI, which is a standard for payment companies like Visa and Mastercard.

Reinforcing data security

Users have to do their share when it comes to secure use. Research shows that many users do not pay enough attention to security when creating passwords. Easily-decryptable and easily-predictable passwords like “123456” may not be the most secure choice for your property. Another method to secure your password is to have a multistage password. To achieve this, you can authorize company computers on the basis of users or use various password management programs on the Internet.

Currently, we can say that cloud-based services do not pose any problems in terms of security as long as the required standards are met. You can also prefer services providing a robust cloud computing infrastructure for the management of your property.  HotelRunner can be a proper choice for this as a provider of targeted solutions for the accommodation industry. By utilizing our services, you can access your property’s data from anywhere that has Internet access through any device. Create your account and benefit from our advantages.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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