Will hotel lobbies become offices of the future?


Guests generally prefer spending their time mostly in the rooms when traveling for holiday or business purposes. Your property might have quite comfortable rooms. However, some of your guests might be willing to spend some time at the lobbies to have a taste of a different atmosphere in your hotel. Some of them might even want to deal with their tasks and business with a companion, either a cup of coffee or one of the guests staying in your hotel to chat with.

That’s why hotel lobbies are common areas geared as a center for socializing in properties. At this point, furniture, probably one of the most critical accessories at the lobbies, can provide the most optimal environment for those willing to work for long hours, with their shape, comfort and the practicality they offer. Also custom-design tables are now also featured at the lobbies for private or group meetings. Thanks to the flawless Internet access they offer, these areas are suitable for many people to manage their business easily.

In that case, is it possible to argue that the lobbies, which are preferred especially for business trips, will become office of the future?

The revolution of furniture

Hotels now take into account next-gen guests’ intense engagement in technology and thus employ a radical revolution for their furniture. Especially the properties offering a wide range of color & comfort alternatives consider the group and semi-private meetings, and differentiate their decorations when choosing their furniture.

Your lobby’s decoration is a crucial detail if you want to impress the guests who will stay in your hotel for the first time. Evoking a relaxing, pleasant and comfortable sense, lobbies can greet your guests on behalf of you with a heartwarming “welcome message”.

Technology impact lobbies as well

With the infusion of technology into our lives, lobbies are also undergoing a major transformation. You may start forgetting those ordinary lobbies you have grown accustomed to. This is because most of the sofas and desks at lobbies are now designed for computer use.

Speaking of technology, one of the most common problems is the lack of equipment to recharge computers. However, properties find a solution for this and care to make plugs available as much as possible around the seats and desks at the lobbies.

Another point to consider is providing unlimited and easily-accessible Internet for free. Customer satisfaction can be boosted with an Internet network, which can be used not only by your customers but also by their guests.

Music for a unique lobby experience

Your property is visited by a large number of people in the course of a day. Indeed, some of them are staying in your property as part of a business trip. At this point, your guests’ jobs may differ which might affect working environment at the lobby. Therefore, a universal and soft type of music can solve this problem with a vibe changing the atmosphere and avoiding distraction caused by noises.

Hotel lobbies for intimate business meetings

As can be seen, lobbies are no longer just places for having some tea, coffee or checking in/out. They have become places of business meetings as well. Lobbies facilitate things for guests with similar jobs and create a more intimate atmosphere for business meetings.

Lobbies equipped with custom patterns, colors, comfort options and design forge ahead towards being future offices. Lobbies addressing the requirements of digital world with comfy working environment also enable guests to have a pleasurable time.

Please pay attention to our tips above to modernize and attune your property’s lobby to our era’s needs.  Open the gateway to the brand new horizons in the digital realm for your hotel with a modern lobby and flawless services and power your sales through HotelRunner’s expert service quality. All you need to do is to create your free HotelRunner account right now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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