Would you like to turn Facebook into a sales channel?

More than 3 billion people all around the world are using social media tools to not only communicate with their friends and family but also engage with brands and businesses. One of the most powerful social media platforms in the world, Facebook is a great tool to promote your property, meaning that you can interact with more potential guests.

How can your property benefit from Facebook?

You can determine how your potential guests might think about your property. Would you like to create the image of an authentic daily rental that attracts travellers or of a quiet boutique hotel for the ones looking for a weekend getaway? With a short description, a couple of nice photos and, perhaps, videos, you can define how your property looks like. Thus, when your guests arrive to your property, they will know exactly what to expect.

Speaking of an impression… Research shows that, most adults do not trust the property until they see a ‘real’ proof whether the property live up to its promises. By sharing the photos of your staff or positive comments of your previous guests on your page, you can show that you have an honest and down to earth property. If you manage to earn your potential guests’ trust and attract their attention, you can increase the likelihood of getting a booking too.

You can reach out to more potential guests thanks to Facebook. If your property has an active presence on Facebook, your doors will always be open to both new and former, loyal guests. By giving your potential guests the opportunity to contact you whenever they need, you can create the impression that your property is approachable. You can support them by answering the questions about your property on your Facebook page. Thus, you can detect problems, find solutions and improve your property.

How can you get reservations from your Facebook page?

Reservations received online are increasing by 50% each year, which makes quite important to have an online marketing strategy. Ultimately, having an active presence on social media is a great way to reach more guests, being in touch with them and keeping up with the demands of the industry. Your potential guests spend 5 times more time on Facebook than travel-related applications, websites and search platforms. That is why, Facebook is exactly where you have to be!

By integrating HotelRunner’s Facebook Bookine Button to your Facebook page, you can give your guests the opportunity to make reservations directly through Facebook. Thus, you can shorten and simplify the booking process for your guests and encourage them to make a reservation right after they discover your property

With over one billion users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms for people of all demographics and all interests. You can be sure that your potential guests are somewhere in Facebook too.

You can take your place in this big platform by integrating HotelRunner’s Facebook Booking Button to your Facebook page easily and increase your reservations.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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