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Yet another success story of HotelRunner: Carlton Hotel

Websites are known as the digital face of companies. The importance of websites to digital marketing of hotels is now a widely recognized fact. With their content and design, websites provide insight for the customer as soon as it is discovered by the potential guests seeking accommodation alternatives. Therefore, an impressive website is the most significant element in leading visitors to a booking decision.

Carlton Hotel, which is among the prominent figures of the industry, has collaborated with HotelRunner to build a website where they introduce their strategies, target audience and offers to their customers in the digital realm. Carlton Hotel has reaped great results in the number of online bookings performed through their website. Their efforts also supported the website in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We, as HotelRunner, are also quite happy to have a share in this success story.

Tapping into these efforts, HotelRunner aims to provide creative solutions tailored for our customers, contributing to their marketing strategies and covering their needs in the digital platform. Here are some details related to this collaboration work with Carlton Hotel, which preferred the HotelRunner platform.

Highlighting the privileges of Carlton Hotel

As part of the collaboration with Carlton Hotel, we wanted to build a design that promotes practicality and increases online booking through the website. During this process, contents deep enough to encourage potential customers to book have been created and enhanced with quality images. We also want to underline that putting ourselves into the shoes of a potential customer wishing to book a hotel room was a key aspect of our efforts.

Another objective of ours was to promote and present in the most accurate and effective manner the privileges that a successful and experienced chain of hotels like Carlton Hotel offers to the customers. Considering that the customers of Carlton Hotel want to benefit from the privileges of this property, which has become a true brand, we followed a content management process that highlights the comfortable services provided by the hotel.

HotelRunner’dan bir başarı hikayesi daha: Carlton Hotel

The hotel’s location is also advantageous, a fact that we bore in mind as we particularly preferred the images highlighting how closely the historical texture of Istanbul can be witnessed by guests of Carlton Hotel.

200 per cent increase in bookings performed through the website

Carlton Hotel Sales Manager Gül Güreş has stated that the number of direct bookings made through the hotel’s website increased by 200 per cent, as a result of all these efforts of HotelRunner, before which the number of direct bookings per month was merely 1. This number has reached up to 20 percent in the first month into realization of this collaboration.


HotelRunner’dan bir başarı hikayesi daha: Carlton Hotel


Carlton Hotel now ranks in the top results of Google searches

Carlton Hotel’s ranking in Google search results have been carried to the top as a result of the efforts. When “Istanbul hotels” phrase is typed in the search field, for instance, Carlton Hotel is now featured on the second page together with other prestigious hotels in Istanbul.

Carlton Hotel Sales Manager Gül Güreş has said the following regarding the subject:

“Since we started collaborating with the HotelRunner team, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of direct bookings our hotel receives through its website, within a very short time. Many thanks to your team both for making it possible for us to receive positive feedbacks as a result of boosting our website’s ranking in the Google search results and introducing our hotel with a richer content.

However, the change is not all about Carlton. All hotels owned by Aktürk Hotel Group preferring HotelRunner experience similar positive developments. Muzaffer Uzun, Aktürk Hotel Group Digital Marketing Manager, on the subject:

“All 5 hotels belonging to the group have been growing thanks to HotelRunner and innovations in this area.”

Create your free-of-charge HotelRunner account, if you also want to become successful in the digital realm, like Carlton Hotel, and increase your recognition and bookings with custom-tailored efforts.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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