10 questions that all receptionists should know how to answer

For guests, hotels mean much more than a place to sleep at. Many guests, once they decide to stay at a hotel, take seriously the opinions and suggestions of a hotel and its staff unless they have already had a negative experience out there. The most reliable source of information for guests is the hotel reception, especially when the property is located in somewhere they do not know much about.

Therefore, the reception of a hotel has to assist the guests through their questions and demands, in addition to meeting their needs related to the hotel. It is critical for hotel managers to prepare a team of personnel with such capabilities in order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest.

Here are 10 questions which all receptionists should be able to answer and which you might often encounter…

Can you recommend me a decent restaurant within a short distance?

The receptionist should have a good knowledge of the restaurants close to the hotel and should be able to transfer related information in a way that meets special demands such as fish or local food.

 Where is the closest shopping center and how can I get there?

The guest might either intend to go shopping or might want to buy something he/she has forgotten to take with him/her. In both cases, the receptionist should be able to tell the guests about the places where they can meet their needs.

Which attractions would you suggest me to visit in this area?

The receptionist does not have to know as much about the historic and tourist attractions around as a tour guide does; however, he/she should be able to make at least 2 or 3 suggestions about the attractions to visit.

Are there any activities I can join around here?

Having basic and season-dependent information about the city tours, special sports activities etc. bears importance in terms of leading the guests in such matter properly.

Where is the closest cinema – theatre – exhibition/show venue and how can I get there?

It helps to increase customer satisfaction even more to give information about the films, theatres or shows -if possible- apart from knowing only those offered by the hotel. In addition, sharing information about cultural areas such as city museums and libraries can also improve the service.

How can I go to the consulate; do you have their phone number?

If your property provides services only for citizens of some specific countries it will be enough to know the respective consulates only. However, if your guests are from many different countries, your reception should know how and where information about each consulate can be accessed.

Is it safe to hang around this place after it gets dark?

In addition to the questions relating to safe areas of your region, you might also encounter questions related to some possible places that are not recommended to visit. It is important to explain such information clearly rather than scaring your guests for no reason.

How can I find the tourist information office?

Every receptionist should know the location of a tourist information office where he/she can direct the guests in need of more particular information than that of he/she can convey.

How much does a taxi ride cost?

Tourists, in particular, would like to prevent from being cheated in areas they are not familiar with. Therefore, they might ask information about taxi fares for places that are visited most (for instance, the airport or city center).

Where is the closest bus/subway stop?

Guiding guests for the closest stops would a good idea but not comprehensive enough especially if the property is located in a large city and public transportation system is confusing for those who are not familiar with it. Providing information about transit stations in written, if possible, would be more useful especially for tourists who prefer public transport.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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