3 Important reasons that would prevent your guests from choosing you again

Creating a loyal guest base is vital for your property to have a sustainable financial structure. According to a research published by the Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new guest is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining your existing ones. Therefore, it should be your primary goal to ensure your guests who have previously stayed in your property to choose you again. So, what are the obstacles to creating this loyalty?


If the service you offer at your property does not match with what you offer when promoting your property online, you may cause a great deal of disappointment to your guests which is hard to fix. On your online sales channels, when you mention that all of your rooms have air conditioning but you actually offer a room without one, it is likely that you will lose that guest forever. Remember that in this case, you will not only lose a guest but will also damage your online reputation that you’d need to acquire new guests.

Failure to request feedback

Remember that positive and negative feedback that you receive from your guests regarding their accommodation experiences is an important opportunity to show that you care about them and to improve the services you offer. With positive feedback, you can create a positive reference for your potential guests and expand your guest base. On the other hand, with the negative feedback you can analyze deficiencies in your property and improve the service quality.

With HotelRunner’s Guest Relationship Management feature, you can easily keep in touch with your guests by sending automated emails to them before, during and after their stay.

Operational disruptions

You should know that your guests will not give you a second chance if you are reflecting them the problems caused by your daily operations. Problems such as breakfast which is not served on time, a broken hair dryer or a TV may create the perception that your hotel is not professionally managed.

If you are experiencing operational disruptions, it means that you need to use your time more efficiently. With HotelRunner’s Channel Manager, while you are easily managing your entire operations from a single dashboard, you can concentrate on the operational issues that are likely to occur during your daily business.

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