3 significant elements of HR in property management

Planning is a critical process and a determining factor for many issues in hotels, just like in all other businesses. It is critical to select the right employees, especially for the labor-intensive hotel management sector, to achieve a permanent service policy with clear standards set.

At this point, the HR department of a hotel has a lot to do. When dealing with plans, the HR department should think ahead and take due diligence in handling the work to build a structure boasting experienced and well-educated employees. As HotelRunner, we have discussed some points to consider in this.

1. Motivation & job description

It is a demanding process to employ educated and qualified people in the tourism industry. Educated and experienced employees might want to leave the property and head for a different business or field due to the rising labor force turnover.

As the positions in the properties are vacated, whether through voluntary or involuntary redundancy, the labor force turnover, which is namely the process of recruiting and training a new employee, is one of the key challenges in the tourism industry.

Motivated properly to work and achieve more, employees satisfied with their job and personnel management work for the same company for years. Therefore, businesses willing to continue with well-experienced employees must pay attention to motivation and employee satisfaction.

2. Training

The training opportunities offered by businesses for their employees are indicators of the value they give them. Therefore, this is one of the most significant parts of the HR planning process.

In this respect, hotel employees should go through training courses to get acquainted with the property culture, feel that they are an integral part of it and work with awareness. Periodic training courses on duties and responsibilities can help them become more professional in a short time. In addition, pre- and post-promotion training courses might enable them to tackle with new responsibilities assigned accordingly.

3. A fair promotion and rewarding system

Implementation of a fair promotion and rewarding system is among the most significant tools to benefit for businesses willing to reduce the labor force turnover rate by achieving employee satisfaction. At this point, failing to reward the employees with a perfect output and ignoring them in the promotion process might lead them to grow away from their job and business.

This might soon result in long hours of working spent by the HR department for new recruitments, while in the long term, it might pose an obstacle against building a standard property culture. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the promotion and rewarding system built in the HR planning process is as fair as possible.

Considering all these points, you can enable your property to become successful in HR planning. You can receive support from HotelRunner not only for HR affairs but also for the management of your content and inventory as well as accept direct online booking from your customers through the integrated booking module. Create your free-of-charge HotelRunner account now and start benefiting from these opportunities for your property.


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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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