5 must-know travel trends for tourism businesses

The recent advent of technology has played a major role in paving the way for new marketing methods and major developments in tourism, just like in any other industry. Tourism businesses can now access reliable information about holiday and travel preferences of potential guests a lot more fast and easily.

If you know the travel and holiday preferences of potential customers, you can keep grasp of periodic trends in tourism, while taking the most accurate decisions for seasons.  We reviewed travel trends of 2017 based on data from the previous period.

1) More people will practice “digital detox” in 2017

There is a large majority of people taking an action to avoid business life and fully available when planning their holidays.  The involvement of smartphones and mobile devices in all aspects of our lives at times exhausts many employees both mentally and physically especially in business realm where one is available and reachable in out of office hours.

Without the availability of wi-fi Internet access, properties offering utmost silence and relaxation for guests, hence isolation from the digital world, can well highlight what they do in 2017 as well.

2) There is a large number of people wishing to visit unearthed places

In 2017, tourists will be looking especially for opportunities to discover untouched or unique places.  If your property can meet such a need, you had better put particular emphasis on this in your promotional campaigns.

3) Domestic travel trend will continue

If you are running a company with both a domestic and international target group, your campaigns and promotions targeting this group may highlight your proximity with must-see attractions, your surroundings and natural attractions that are not heard much about as well as activities such as beach, scuba diving and water sports.  Also, ranking higher on social media platforms on travel and tourism can serve as a reason for guests to prefer your property.

4) Pre-holiday online search continues to be a trend in 2017

Tourism industry as well benefits from any means facilitated through use of mobile devices and the Internet in all aspects of life.  Each day, more Internet users utilize travel blogs and tourism-oriented applications online as they plan their holiday.  If you prepare campaigns tailored for such platforms and tap into collaboration with travel bloggers, this may help you attract these prospects to your property also in 2017.

5) Simplicity to remain central

In 2017, more people will pay particular attention to the kind of long-awaited lifestyles and personal fields of interest in their preferences for holidays in 2017. Many travelers care more about the experience they may have rather than paying huge loads of money for luxury properties. It may be a good idea to create events promising adventures and experiences such as underwater sports, trekking, nature walks for such prospects following this trend.    

With competition being fiercer in the online realm, it is important for you to keep up with rivals. Having features on international sales channels also matter a lot to boost your customer potential from across the world. You can access major booking channels of the world by means of HotelRunner’s channel management system. Sign up for a HotelRunner now and start taking the advantage of technology in a realm of competition.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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