5 Ways to Strengthen Your Guest Database

A strong guest database consisting of your loyal guests is a sustainable financial source for your property. If you think that your guest database is not big enough, it’s now time to take action!

In order to strengthen your database, you must always be in touch with your existing and potential guests and keep them informed about your news and campaigns . Remember that a loyal guest base is the most important reference for your potential guests.

Here’s what you need to do for a powerful database:

Send emails for free

Emails are one of the cost-free ways to attract guests to your property. When you renew your breakfast menu or start a campaign targeting the early bookers, the best way to spread the word to your target audience is to send emails. At this point the best tool of yours is content. Remember that you can create a bigger impact with shorter and more striking sentences.

Communicate with your guests interactively by adding WhatApp Button to your website

Create a platform that your website visitors can contact you with one click. By integrating WhatsApp Button to your “New Star” themed website provided by HotelRunner for free, you can allow your potential guests who are visiting your website to contact you directly.

Create a guest relations department that functions perfectly

Approach all your guests with care. Remember that word of mouth marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. Guests who are satisfied with the services you provide and recommend your property to their friends and family are the biggest help to boost your sales. With HotelRunner’s Guest Relationship Management feature you can stay in touch with your guests 24/7 and offer immediate solutions to their needs.

Keep your website content up to date

Current and informative content is one of the main criteria to attract potential guests to your property. You should be able to display up to date information about your property such as price and availability, campaigns and offers on your website. Therefore, you can climb up on online search results.

Strengthen the social presence of your property

Social media is a great opportunity to promote the products and services you offer. You can promote your services to bigger audiences with attractive images, videos and interesting content. Also, you can communicate with your guests interactively via social media platforms and provide fast and practical solutions to their needs.

In order to increase your revenues from your repeat guests, all you need to do is to create a strong database and turn this database into loyal guests with the right moves! Start working with HotelRunner now and make a stride!


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