Articles posted on HotelRunner Blog in August that you should not miss

We have been regularly sharing information and tips that can serve for you in many different subjects since the very first day when we opened the online gateway to accommodation facilities. Your deep interest motivates us even more and helps us keep collecting and sharing more useful information with you.

We have received your comments that some of you could overlook some articles due to daily workload. Therefore, from now on, we will be sharing with you short summaries of the previous months at the beginning of each month.

Here is our selection from the posts that you might have overlooked last month…  Articles posted on HotelRunner Blog in August that you should not miss

1. Cloud computing for cost saving, efficiency and more to manage hotels

2. What you can learn from next-generation guests of the world’s first Twitter-themed hotel  

3. What does TripAdvisor’s new feature, TripAdvisor Connect, mean for your hotel?

4. What you need to know about Google Hotel Finder

5.  5 things you need to know about marketing your hotel more effectively on Facebook

6. What is Pinterest? How to use it for hotel marketing?

7. Ideas to write creatively on your hotel’s blog

8. Most common mistakes in hotel marketing

9. 5 things to do instead of complaining about OTA commissions

10. What you need to know about hotel marketing with Google+

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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