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Nowadays, properties are effectively using social media as a tool to attract new guests and to stay engaged with the existing ones. To display the amenities and services of a property, social media is an amazing platform. By using social media effectively, you get a chance to create a perfect first impression to your guests before they visit your property.

That being said, quantity is important as well as the quality. Social media marketing is a key for improving your brand. Being active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, helps you engage with your guests. The more people get influenced by your brand, the more they become familiar with it. This will build brand loyalty.

So what can you do to improve your property’s social presence?

Know your guests

To complete this step successfully, you must conduct a good marketing research. For example, the target audience of the property can be found from your historical data. Thus, you can answer some questions such as what kind of guests you welcome more, what their travel habits are, and what they expect from a property. With these answers, you can easily shape your social media marketing strategy.

Be unique in the market

Most of the people like to experience different and interesting things. According to Roger Roeser, CEO of The Eisen Agency, creating a guideline that includes local activities, is a good way to attract your guests. For example, if your property is located in an area which is popular with wines, wine tasting at your property would differentiate your property from your competitors, and attract new guests.

Create the perfect image

Photos and videos influence a person’s ideas and emotions. Therefore, while uploading photos of your property, make sure that they are in high quality. Do not forget that a picture speaks a thousand words. However, a video can speak a million. Furthermore, the number of properties using influencer marketing is increasing day by day. By taking advantage of the influencers on a video, you can gain their fans’ trust. Therefore, it will directly improve the brand awareness of your property.

Do not ignore messaging platforms

Guests want to feel valuable before making a reservation and have lots of questions to ask about the amenities of your property. Therefore, they expect to see quick responses. Do not forget that your potential guests can become loyal one day. Besides, solving the problems of your existing guests quickly, helps you receive positive feedback. As a result, you can both improve your property and show your guests that their opinions matter.

Follow your competitor’s followers

Never expect to see the first step from the guests. Go beyond your property and let your guests see that your property is so much better than the others. Showcase your property better, attract your guests with your differences and exceed their expectations by providing the best service In this way, you can get your potential guest’s attention, and be always one step further from your competition.

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Kadir Yaz

Digital Marketing Manager

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