Cities with active sports tourism in the upcoming 5 years

“Sports tourism”, which is roughly defined as a type of travel to attend sports organizations, continues to improve through new and wide-ranging events and organizations. Accounting for a considerable share in the global tourism industry on economic terms, sports tourism has recently been followed especially by developed and developing countries.

Hosting a major sports events not only contribute to a country’s economy, but it also brings a good number of advantages for businesses including hotels and travel agencies. Therefore, in tourism industry, where competition is fierce, properties need to pay particular attention to cities hosting large-scale sports events such as Olympics, the World Cup and tournaments.

Here are the cities with active sports tourism in the upcoming 5 years…

Turkey to host the 2017 European Basketball Championship

The group and final games of 2017 FIBA European Basketball Championship will be hosted in Finland, Israel, Romania and Turkey. Turkey’s feature alongside these four countries also matter a lot for the improvement of sports tourism in our country. The championship will be held in Istanbul, hosting one of the four group games and the final tournament featuring 16 teams.

2017 World Championship in Athletics will be held in London

The 16th edition of World Championship in Athletics will be held in London between August 5 and 13, 2017, which means busy times for the hotels, travel agencies and tour organizers in London.

Russia to host 2018 FIFA World Cup

Raising high acclaim across the world, the quadrennial FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia in 2018. Featuring football teams from 32 different countries, the tournament will start on June 14, 2018.

South Korea to host the 2018 Winter Olympics

The event will be held between February 9 and 25 in 2018 in South Korean city, Pyeongchang.  A busy time is awaiting the tourism businesses associated with South Korea for this event which will continue for 17 days.

Tokyo to host 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics

Making it to the final in the first tour, Istanbul sadly lost this opportunity in the voting. However, organization of 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo is a forerunner of a considerably a busy summer time across the world.

A possibly profitable tourism season is promised for properties located in cities enjoying the opportunity of making a name across the world through such globally-acclaimed organizations as sports events. Making the most of sports tourism requires easily accessing both local and foreign guests.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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