Connect to Travel Destinations Online with HotelRunner!

HotelRunner and Travel Destination Online (TDOnlines) partnered to increase the sales of the properties in local and foreign markets.

Founded in Bahrain in 2018, Travel Destination Online is a B2B travel management platform specialised in providing travel-related services and products to guest from all over the world. Bringing more than 35.000 properties from 193 countries and over 150 travel agencies together in its digital sales network and channel management platform, HotelRunner and TDOnlines targets to increase the profitability of properties and provide a complete travel experience to their guests.

TDOnlines, a B2B-oriented platform with online travel technologies such as accommodation options, event management, promotions, dynamic packages, transportation options, and XML, states its vision as becoming a dedicated wholesale-oriented travel provider by strengthening the network between its offices in the Middle East, Europe and the Far East.

Thanks to this partnership, properties will now be able to manage their price and availability via HotelRunner by completing TDOnlines integration for free.

Start your integration now to increase your booking revenue by joining TDOnlines’ consistently growing B2B online sales network!



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