Engage with your guests and increase your communications in 5 steps

Customer expectations are constantly changing, such that Google Travel calls today’s modern age as “the age of support”. This term refers to a multi-layered communication approach which is expected from almost every brand involving the ‘customer’ concept, rather than a traditional customer relations approach.

Particularly airlines, Online Travel Agencies and Airbnb have already started to adapt this approach and to create their communication pathways specific to their customers and occasions. As a result, travellers’ expectations are already higher compared to just five years ago.

However the reality is that hotels – especially small and boutique hotels – do not make an attempt to strengthen the communication with their guests until after they set foot on the property and even after that. Hoteliers miss the opportunity to build a solid relationship between the property and the guests.

For this very reason, the properties should keep up with the new trends. This may seem like hard job to do for small hotels, but with the Guest Relationship Management feature of HotelRunner, you can set emails that can be easily created and automatically sent, without any additional effort. Thus, you can start a communication chain with your guests consisting of post-booking, pre-arrival, in-house and post-stay emails easily.


First step to start a communication chain is to send a post-booking email. It is good to not confuse this email with the booking confirmation email. The goal here is to make a good impression by taking the first step of a communication between you and your guest. In your email, that you can start with a warm addressing such as ‘Dear Guest’, you can express your happiness that your guest chose you and and ask if she/he has any special requests or a question. Thus, you can make your guests feel like it was the right decision to choose you and their stay would be great.


Thanks to the emails that will be sent before your guests check-in to your property, you can create a certain expectation. You can inform your guests about the places of interest nearby, activities, transportation, spa, massage and special packages that you offer at your property.


With a ‘Welcome’ themed email that will be sent on the first day of their arrival, you can give your guests a warm welcome. In this email, you can give useful information such as wi-fi password and breakfast schedule or mention that you can assist them with their questions and needs. Thus, your guests will feel that they are valuable and come to the right place.


You have come to the end of a successful communication chain that you built with your guests. However, your work is not done yet. You can start your final email by thanking them for choosing you. Your guests may have spent a wonderful time at your property but after the check-out they may forget to give you feedback or make positive comments about your property on social media. With a link that can be added into your email, you can ask them to rate their experience and make comments. Finally, you can ensure your guests choosing you again by expressing that you would be more than happy to host them again.

Thanks to the Guest Relationship Management feature of HotelRunner, you can set these automated emails in just a few minutes and take a big step towards building a relationship between your property and your guests.

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