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Top global HotelRunner news in 2020!

Last year has been difficult for everyone with ongoing health concerns and tourism turmoil. Everyone did their best to support each other in this process. At HotelRunner, the best wasn’t enough for us, so we worked very hard and continued to achieve many great things.

The way we see it, success increases when shared, just like happiness. Thus, we have compiled last year’s prominent news for you. We wish you good reading!

Hottest Global News from HotelRunnerHotelRunner analyzed tsunami-like COVID-19 and its effects on the travel industry, the mismatch between supply and demand, and the solutions to satisfy both OTAs, hotels and guests. Read about “How hotels and travel agencies can prepare for a post-pandemic future” on PhocusWire!

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Hottest Global News from HotelRunnerSkift covers HotelRunner in “Making More Affordable Software for the World’s Independent Hotels”! Read about HotelRunner’s disruptive business model, how we are handling COVID-19, the freshly announced RateFor acquisition and much more!

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Hottest Global News from HotelRunnerListed by WIRED magazine as one of Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups two years in a row, HotelRunner has announced that it has acquired rate analysis, shopping and comparison platform RateFor. Read about it on Yahoo! Finance.

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Hottest Global News from HotelRunnerHotelRunner is featured in “Five Startups Helping Companies To Survive And Thrive Beyond COVID-19” by Forbes! Read about how HotelRunner has been helping independent hotels and chains pick their businesses up off the floor.

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Hottest Global News from HotelRunnerAs well as hotels and airlines, who are unsurprisingly experiencing significant disruption, the pandemic is impacting travel tech startups. Read about “How HotelRunner is working towards a more ‘tech-savvy’ travel industry” by the Verdict UK.

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