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How should you prepare your property for the new season? – Part 1

The busiest times for tourism entail the highest potential for sales as well, which means such times are critical for businesses. Therefore, tourism establishments particularly need to focus on preparations before entering a busy season. In order to achieve the kind of capacity to accommodate their guests, it is a good idea for hotels and other tourism properties to assess their situation before embarking on the new season, while performing necessary improvements found as part of such an assessment.

Considering that the busiest season for tourism in Turkey is summer, they should get started with preparations at the end of the previous season, which in this case is around September. However, summer may necessarily not be the busiest season for every property. For instance, businesses that serve as tourism destinations in winter should take that into account and shape their efforts for new season accordingly.

What are the things to consider when embarking on preparations for the new season? Here is the first part of the series of articles on preparatory efforts to take on before heading to the first season so that native and foreign guests will prefer your property.

Take your guests’ comments into account

If you are running a tourism-oriented business, you should care about your guests’ thoughts on your property. Their expectations and needs will shape the way your property functions as well. Therefore, if your property is not featured on such platforms as TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp yet, you should have a presence on the likes of these as soon as possible. These channels are critical for you to promote property as well as assess what guests think about you since these are the platforms where online users share their opinions on businesses, listing what they like and what is missing.

People gradually start looking for properties before the new season begins, which is around 6 months ago, as this is the time they plan their holiday. Why don’t you offer a reason for them to prefer your property by being featured on online platforms visited by users?

Create a website

It is vital for you to have a fully-equipped website so that prospects can discover your property and shape their holiday plans based on it during the busiest times for tourism activities. On your website, you can feature important details including property amenities, room types, proximity with touristic attractions as well as photos of your property, which will help you influence your target audience. At this point, you can build your very own website by taking the advantage of the wide range of opportunities offered by HotelRunner.

Start creating value-added content

Many people prefer making a pre-holiday online search for their holiday destination before any travel. This is because this allows them to find out the places they have never visited before; things they have never tasted before; and languages they do not speak, all made easily available on the Internet. You can also include such details on your website’s blog to offer convenience for your guests. This way, you can build recognition for your website, while leading people to including your property in their holiday plans.

As you prepare for the new season, you can tap into these tips to turn your property into a tourist attraction. Moreover, it is definitely important for you to have a quality online sales channel. Many hotels, online travel agencies and tourism businesses rely on HotelRunner’s expertise which you can also benefit from to become a prominent brand across the industry. So, sign up for a free-of-charge demo account and get your property online now.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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