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How should you prepare your property for the new season? – Part 2

As we are approaching the busiest season full of guests, properties are pacing preparations up for the new season. While potential guests are building holiday plans thoroughly at this time, you need to stand out and draw their attention to your property. It may prove well effective to stand steps ahead of your rivals if you offer amenities for guests leaning towards spending their time in your property.

In the second part of our series on useful suggestions to take into account when preparing for the next season, you can also find out other tips to lead guests to preferring you. Here are several tips to boost your sales rates before embarking on a busy time. 

Start accepting online bookings

In our era when borders on the maps are left meaningless and everyone can perform almost any action online, holiday plans as built usually through the Internet as well. Users wish to finalize their holiday plan as soon as possible and book instantly online once they decide on which property to stay in the regions of their choice. This is because early reservation can help guests save time as they can ask for off-days in the office and handle other procedures in advance.

Therefore, it is vital for you to have already been a part of the online realm if you wish to have an impact on your guests. HotelRunner can be your biggest supporter at this point. Thanks to HotelRunner, your property can get online and you can accept bookings and perform sales online. You really need to boast an online platform to be accessible for potential guests from other countries, not only the local guests.

Facilitate payments

You need to offer the best options for a secure payment at the final stage upon the completion of bookings. Additionally, it may prove useful to move the most-preferred payment methods of guests to your online platform. This way, you can prevent them from changing their mind before they pay as you will not be limiting at the checkout stage. Thanks to HotelRunner, you can enjoy integration with over fifty payment systems and help them perform their transactions in a secure way.

Keep your website up to date

Being up to date is critical for your website in terms of encouraging your guests to stay in your property. You therefore should feature the latest photos of your property and rooms as well as the services and amenities you offer as the new season approaches.  In addition, you had better check out if your website content is SEO compatible, which is significant if you want to rank the first results in search engines.

As the new season is getting closer, it is important for you to complete such preparations around 3 months prior to this season in order to have the most productive season possible. Engagement in the busiest season also requires giving priority to to boast a quality infrastructure for your online platform, impacting the guests. If you also want to make a difference as a brand in the tourism industry, sign up for a demo HotelRunner account now and start satisfying your guests in the online realm.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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