How to create a hotel website that converts visitors into guests

The ultimate goal of any hotel website is always to get potential guests to click the “book now” button. You can work with dozens of online travel agencies, be present on all main metasearch platforms and have a call centre service that works like a beaver, but receiving commission-free direct bookings from your hotel’s own website is priceless. From brand awareness to guest relations, your direct sales channel will always play a key role.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t have a stellar website that will encourage your website visitors to take action, manage their expectations before their stay begins, and ultimately affect the entire accommodation experience. Moreover, you don’t need a high budget, an effective designer team, and hours of work to achieve that.

There are a few features to look for in a great website. A design that will excite your guests is one of them. No matter which sales channel your potential guests decide to book through, it is guaranteed that they will visit your website. An effective, visually supported and compact website is vital for travelers who will take action with the first impression they quickly get.

malpas hotel website

Malpas Hotel & Casino, Saturn Theme

Another feature is that your website must be fully integrated with your booking engine, channel manager, payment methods, property management system and other tools. This is a life-saving feature for you as well as for your visitors. Managing and updating each platform individually shouldn’t take up a great deal of your precious time.

pera palace hotel website

Pera Palace Hotel, Venus Theme

A feature that has also serious importance in the background is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the secret hero that increases the visibility of your website to users of a search engine and drives quality traffic to your site. Instead of taking care of all this and spending time and effort, a website engine that optimizes your website’s title, keywords, images and all its links can come to your aid.

playa suites hotel website

Playa Suites, Saturn Theme

Once all of these are complete, it’s time to introduce your property to a worldwide audience. Addressing different audiences in their own language, their own currency and tax rates add a lot to you. When a potential guest from Brazil visits your site and views the content in Portuguese, you can be certain that the booking decision will change drastically. With a website that supports all these features, you will have no obstacle ahead.

olive hill guesthouse website

Olive Hill Guesthouse, Venus Theme

With the website service offered by HotelRunner, you can have a professional, attractive and fully integrated website which includes a built-in booking engine with minimum effort and cost. Always remember that your website is the brand ambassador of your property. 

Take the first step now to leave the perfect first impression and offer an unforgettable experience to your guests!

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