Increase your sales with our TBO Holidays partnership!

TBO Holidays is a global B2B platform with an award-winning infrastructure and a presence in over 93 countries worldwide.

Founded in United Arab Emirates in 2006, TBO Holidays is known for its expertise at offering a diverse, global range of hotels at highly competitive rates with an inventory of over 460,000 properties. Working with more than 46,000 travel agents and offering over 700 packages of 65+ destinations, both static and dynamic ones, TBO Holidays’ mission is to help travel agents worldwide to offer better services to their guests.

As part of our strategy of bringing the newest and best sales platforms to you, you will now be able to join a worldwide B2B network thanks to the partnership between TBO Holidays and HotelRunner.

To become part of the TBO Holidays platform, which continuously improves its product range with innovative solutions, simply start your TBO Holidays channel connection via HotelRunner by clicking on the link below!



Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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