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Real-time marketing methods on Twitter for your hotel


Twitter is one of the most effective channels to launch social campaigns and build figital marketing strategies for brands. Applying real-time marketing methods by using popular tags, brands increase engagement on their Twitter accounts and reap the results of such works on their sales. This might prove an effective sales strategy for the tourism industry and hotels. Any updates might be utilized as a real-time marketing method in the tourism industry.

If you think you fail to use your Twitter account effectively and want to increase the number of your followers with more engagement, then discover the real-time marketing methods now. HotelRunner has scrutinized the tips for you to follow on Twitter when dealing with real-time marketing methods.

Use the national and international updates effectively

Following the current events in Turkey and in the world is fundamental to real-time marketing methods. Following the hashtags on Twitter and generating ideas in line with them is critical if you want to adapt your sales strategies to the current issues.  However, you had better visit news sites and check last-minute updates, besides your efforts on social media. This way you can get started with what you should do for real-time marketing methods when such updates are being discussed on Twitter.

You can also take the advantage of customized settings to determine your Twitter agenda, following the current events in countries which are of concern for your target customer group, so you can build your marketing strategy accordingly.

Asses the current issues with a right approach

Sometimes, issues discussed the most on Twitter might not offer the correct sources for real-time marketing methods. Especially disasters, terrorist attacks, religion- or politics-related issues might receive negative reactions by your follower and potential customers on Twitter if they are made part of your real-time marketing methods. Such reactions might have a negative impact on your sales and brand value. However, you can also receive positive reactions if you follow the correct attitude towards such bad news by launching a charity or voluntary campaign. You can think of this as a long-term real-time marketing method.

Pay attention to images

The influence of images is inarguable when it comes to the promotional efforts as part of real-time marketing strategies. You can enhance your real-time posts with photos and videos to be more impactful. When discussing the current issues, use original images and ask for professional help to determine the right motto for your sales strategy.


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Rıza Kaynak

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