Social media tips from HotelRunner: Increasing engagement with influencers

Just like in all other industries, social media is important for the hotel business as well. Almost all the hotels apply to different kinds of methods and undertake promotional activities to expand their customer portfolio with social media channels in all cases.  Considering the impact of social media on users, HotelRunner provides insights into social media and continues to give social media tips for hotels. One of them is working with social media influences (working with people who have a high influence across social media).

How can you build an effective system for your operations with social media influencers? Which method should you follow to lead social media users to prefer your hotel? HotelRunner has reviewed the most effective tips for working with social media influencers.

Plan your promotional activities on social media with them

You may include the influencers collaborating with you in your promotional activities on social media. In that regard, you can reflect on a cooperative system to work with these influencers you plan to work with or develop the most effective working principle by consulting a list of experts.   Influencers may share posts on social media platforms and tag you there to give an idea about your hotel or tell prospects about the possible holiday experiences.  This way, you can increase the number of your potential customers thanks to your eye-catching hotel and tags.

Invite them to the events at your hotel

Invite social media influencers you are collaborating with to the seasonal inauguration of your hotel or events held in your property, possibly during a period when you want  to increase the number of your bookings. Each photo from their holiday/event experiences in your property as well as their check-in activities can draw the attention of their social media followers. Their posts can be reposted and liked, reaching out across other users as well.

Use our HotelRunner promotion engine

You can take the advantage of HotelRunner’s promotion engine to achieve the best results for your promotional activities and digital marketing strategies in the hotel business realm and collaborate with social media influencers who can also use this social promotion engine to increase the number of bookings.

You may integrate the social promotion engine (included in the promotion engine) into your hotel’s website by tapping into the expertise of HotelRunner, which allows to post booking activities on social media as performed on your website. Moreover, you can boost the number of your bookings and potential customers with a deal launched by social media influencers. As part of that, users can use coupon codes or various awards for your hotel once they post the booking details.

You can also benefit from the privileges offered by HotelRunner and follow the most efficient way to manage social media, which offers the most significant channels of digital marketing. Together with the number of direct bookings made on your hotel’s website, you can also enhance the social media engagement. Sign up for HotelRunner, create your free-of-charge demo account now and get started with the most proper strategies on digital platforms for your hotel

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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