The creator of HotelRunner, CloudArena acquires HDN Global!

HotelRunner’s creator CloudArena has acquired HDN Global, which provides online channel management and booking engine services for hotels. With the acquisition of the market leader HDN, which has been operating since 2011, HotelRunner has further strengthened its position in regards to the number of online travel agencies and channel networks, integration infrastructure and technical team.

This acquisition will have a major impact on HotelRunner’s growth plans. More than 100 channel networks will surely contribute immensely to the global recognition of over 2200 accommodation properties in 317 cities from 49 countries that are integrated into the HotelRunner platform. Hotels using HotelRunner will boost their sales much easier as they will be capable of accepting online bookings and payments from anywhere in the world.

With the inclusion of HDN Global’s field and technical teams, HotelRunner will expand its talent pool of industry-veteran experts. The HotelRunner platform has gained further strength in terms of software, integration and industrial expertise. Thanks to the experience that Turkey’s most used channel manager HDN Global has in the tourism industry, HotelRunner will be able to have a much more active role in generating more bookings and income for the accommodation properties that are included in the HotelRunner platform.

Accommodation properties, particularly SME-scale properties such as independent hotels, boutique hotels, motels, apart-hotels, lodging houses and daily rentals, can accept bookings from hundreds of online channels through HotelRunner, which stands out as an innovative digital platform where properties can easily create and manage their online content on their website and social network accounts as well as interact with online tourism agencies.  Thanks to an infrastructure built entirely on a ‘cloud computing’ architecture, initial investment costs like a data center and server are eliminated since businesses are able to utilize HotelRunner completely online.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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