Top 5 global Online Travel Agencies you must list your property

Working with Online Travel Agencies emerged as one of the best ways to sell room inventory even  during low demand. Today, OTAs drive the majority of global online bookings.

Whether you are managing a boutique hotel or chain hotels, being active on key sales channels as we are gradually entering the post-COVID-19 period, both helps you and your property overcome this recession period and serves as a great investment for the future.

According to the HotelRunner Pulse data, which we aim to shed light on the accommodation industry on a weekly basis with our own data, we have gathered the most prominent Online Travel Agencies (ordered alphabetically) of the last two months.


Rapidly growing in the Asian market since the beginning, Agoda’s inventory includes more than 2 million properties, including apartments, villas, houses and hotels, which have ratings from 15 million unique guests. Agoda offers accommodation opportunities to suit all budgets and travel purposes, for both business and leisure travelers.

You can market your property in minutes by making a direct contract with Agoda through HotelRunner, an Agoda Innovative Supplier.

Based in: Singapore

Founded in: 2005

Available in: 38 languages, 200+ countries



Airbnb, the world’s largest community-driven hospitality booking platform, is a reliable marketplace for people to discover, experience and book unique accommodations worldwide. 2 million people worldwide stay in Airbnb homes and have unique experiences in 100,000 cities on any night.

With the two-way connection provided by HotelRunner, you can create your Airbnb listing, manage your inventory and bookings via HotelRunner.

Based in: California, US

Founded in: 2008

Available in: 26 languages, 190+ countries


With over 29 million registered properties and over 5 million room bookings every week, is one of the leading Online Travel Agencies. Its 29 million registered properties include villas, cabins, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts and world-renowned brands, as well as unusual accommodation properties ranging from Japanese-style riocans, Moroccan-style riads, boats and campsites.

You can make a direct contract with via HotelRunner, a Premier Connectivity Partner, and manage all your content, inventory and promotions through HotelRunner.

Based in: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Founded in: 1996

Available in: 43 languages and 221 countries



Operating under the Expedia Group, Expedia helps travelers easily plan and book travel from a wide range of services such as vacation package, flight, hotel, rental car, train, cruise, events, attractions. One of the world’s leading and end-to-end online travel brands, Expedia offers its guests over 500,000 registered properties at more than 25,000 destinations.

You can connect to the Expedia platform via HotelRunner and instantly reach a worldwide audience.

Based in: Seattle, US

Founded in: 1996

Available in: 35 languages, 190+ countries



Hotelbeds is a worldwide leading bedbank. The company helps properties distribute their offers to travel sellers worldwide through its advanced technology platform. Hotelbeds brings together more than 60,000 travel vendors worldwide, more than 80,000 hotels in more than 140 source markets, 24,000 transfer points and 18,000 events.

You can make a direct contract with Hotelbeds in minutes and access the hard-to-reach B2B travel buyers via HotelRunner, a Hotelbeds strategic partner.

Based in: Spain

Founded in: 2001

Available in: 10+, 185 countries


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