Ways to increase positive comments for your hotel on the web

Today, user experience stands out as the most important criteria for those who plan their trip on the web. The comments on your property received through the web, are directly influencing your potential guests’ decision process. Therefore, online reputation management is at the center of your marketing strategy.

While a negative comment made by one of your guests who stayed at your property may distract potential guests from your property; a positive comment can help you make a difference between your competitors.

So, what can you do to increase positive comments on the web?

Give your guests a reason to make comments about your property.

Your guests go back to the routine of their lives after they leave your property. Even though they have had a great experience, they may not find the time to make a comment on the web. However, if you could offer them a small gift or a discount coupon for their next vacation, you would motivate them to share their positive experiences. With the HotelRunner Promotion Engine, you can reward your guests who share their reservation information on the social media, go viral helping your property to make a name for itself, and thus turn your guests’ friends into potential guests by reaching out to them.

Reward your best reviewed staff members 

Make positive feedbacks a part of your corporate culture. If your guests made a positive comment about one of your employees, it’s time to reward your employee! Extra bonus or time-off would increase your staff’s performance even higher.

Turn the negative feedbacks into advantage.

The guest who has a negative opinion about the services you offer at your property is actually an opportunity to increase your service quality. If you could get in touch with your guests before their check-out and learn what they are dissatisfied about, you could realize what’s wrong, make a good impression on the guest, and avoid a potential negative comment. Thanks to HotelRunner Guest Relationship Management you can connect with your guests before, during, and after their stay instantly and build an interactive communication.

Pay attention to your communication via social media.

How fast you answer your guests’ comments on social media is an indicator of how much you care about them. You can thank your guests for their positive comments and mention that you wish to see them visiting your property again. Negative comments, on the other hand, requires a fast and result-oriented communication with your guests. You must solve the problem as soon as possible and not lose touch until you make sure the problem is solved. After the problem is solved, you can ask your guests to change the negative comment or make a new one mentioning the problem as solved.

You can also allow your guests to reach you through your website with HotelRunner WhatsApp Support feature, and offer quick solutions to any problem.

Remember that the way to expand your online reservation potential, is to reflect your guest satisfaction policy to the web. Positive comments from your guests are invaluable showcases for your property.

If you would like to have many guests making positive comments on the web, open your HotelRunner account and start interacting with your guests now!

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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