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What does Google Analytics have to say about your potential guests?

The most ideal method to make a customer staying in your property prefers you for a second time is to ensure that this customer spends its vacation in the most satisfied way. To this end, you will render the best service to all guests in your property, so that they will enjoy an unforgettable experience. The first and foremost requirement for this is to get to know your customers closely.

To better understand your customers, you may ask them questions and want them to fill in questionnaires. With the information you obtained, you may invest efforts to further improve their satisfaction level and secure another visit from the same customer in their next vacation.

What about your potential customers you have yet to meet? It is possible to get to know them closely as well before they even set foot on your property. What is more, you can achieve this through the free Google Analytics tool, which many hotel runners are utilizing already.

It is possible to overlook at first glance some of the valuable information provided by Analytics, especially for those are not very familiar with it; but you may obtain many noteworthy information about your potential customers if you know were to look at in this free tool.

What are they looking for?

First of all, look at the Organic Search section under the Traffic Sources to understand what your visitors are looking for. Here you can see the most-used search words that direct your visitors to your website when they look up these words in the search engines.  Learning what your potential customers are looking up will be instrumental in deciding what you can offer them.


The Referral section, which is also found under Traffic Sources, will show you the referrers that refer highest number of visitors to your website. These websites may include a potential advertisement media, and looking at them will help you better realize your customers’ areas of interest.

Which countries are they visiting from?

Identifying the countries from which your visitors access your site will be helpful for you to apply specific marketing and sales options. Check the Demography section under Audience Menu to learn your customers’ language and country of residence.

What do they set as home page?

The pages from which visitors access your website the most may prove a valuable information. Thanks to this information, which you can access under Content section, you can see which pages attract visitor attention the most and assess the status of these pages in terms of sales generation.

What does exit page mean?

Exit page refers to the last page your visitors view at the end of their visit duration. It means that visitors either complete successfully the purpose of visiting your website or lose their attention to continue their visits in the website. If this is a reservation page, that’s fine; but if another page of the website stand out among exit pages, this could mean that there is a problem somewhere. It will prove useful to review that page and determine what the visitors do not like about this page.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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