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HotelRunner Experiences: Alakapı Hotel, Alaçatı

What comes to your mind when you hear Alaçatı? Think of the streets adorned with pink bougainvillaea, the cool breeze coming from the sea, breakfasts mixed with the scents of jasmine, and stone houses with bay windows. When you add a modern touch to all these, the result is Alakapı Hotel.

Alakapı Hotel came to life in 2016 as a result of a long search that Soner Güngör started with the desire to create the hotel of his dreams and many thoughtful details. Saying “Enjoy life but most of all enjoy it from Alakapı”, the hotel has done its best to stand by its word! From solid wood furnitures to curtains, from sky window to terrace, each room in Alakapı Hotel has been carefully designed to create a romantic experience for its guests. In addition to the rooms that will refresh your soul and most importantly, make you feel at home, Alakapı Hotel also offers its guests the opportunity to have an isolated holiday with its two private villas. The gourmet breakfast offered in its garden full of jasmine, bougainvillaea and water lilies also has many fans.

During our pleasant meeting, Ural Sagdic, Hotel Manager at Alakapi Hotel told us about how they started working with HotelRunner, and their HotelRunner experiences.

“When you think about the HotelRunner platform in detail, you can clearly see that all the features are quite ahead of its time. As part of its channel management service, it offers nearly 150 sales channels. This broad portfolio offers you a great advantage to access any market in the world easily with just one “click”. 

Whether you have 10, 20, or 300 rooms, it shouldn’t raise a question mark whether to use HotelRunner or not. Because at these two extreme points, HotelRunner will successfully provide the service you need with its strong infrastructure.”

Ural Sagdic, Alakapı Hotel, Alaçatı

You can watch our video for the entire conversation. We thank Ural Sagdic for this sincere conversation, and the thoughts he shared!

Emre Çorbacı

Marketing Communication Manager

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