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HotelRunner Experiences: Alesta Yacht Hotel, Fethiye

Located in Fethiye, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean merge and green and blue meet, Alesta Yacht Hotel was established in 2011 with the desire to create a special place for its guests. Alesta Yacht Hotel is just another branch of Alesta Yachting in the tourism industry, which has been operating since 1985.

Thanks to its ideal location, the hotel offers the opportunity to enjoy the view of the yacht harbor and the gulf, as well as reaching Fethiye city center and entertainment venues on foot. Alesta Yacht Hotel offers its guests a perfect home in Fethiye with its modern, carefully designed and comfortable rooms, Alarga Restaurant, spa center, private beach, and most of all, cheerful staff.

The Alesta Family, which prioritizes the health and safety of its guests and employees, has taken all the necessary precautions considering the COVID-19 pandemic and possible risks that may occur afterward. The hotel has been qualified to receive the “Safe Tourism Certificate” by meeting the COVID-19 and hygiene practices evaluation criteria.

During our pleasant meeting, Serkan Karahan, General Manager of Alesta Yacht Hotel told us about how they started working with HotelRunner, and their HotelRunner experiences.

“The most important feature that distinguishes HotelRunner from other channel managers is its wide network and connections. It works with many channels and makes it easier for us to reach these channels. The best part is that it allows us to get bookings from our own website via our own booking engine seamlessly.

Before we started working with HotelRunner, we were trying to check each booking on different extranets. It was very difficult to set rates and promotions. Thanks to HotelRunner, we started to save a serious amount of time. Thus, we had the chance to deal with our other work items by spending less time on sales and marketing.”

– Serhan Karahan, Alesta Yacht Hotel, Fethiye

You can watch our video for the entire conversation. We thank Serkan Karahan for this sincere conversation, and the thoughts he shared!

Emre Çorbacı

Marketing Communication Manager

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