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HotelRunner Experiences: Casa Sur Hotel

Casa Sur Hotel takes its name from the walls built as the defensive walls of Antalya during the Hellenistic period. This ancient wall passes through the botanical garden of the boutique hotel, and takes its guests on a short journey between the past and the present. You can find traces of art in every detail of Casa Sur, which was opened with the restoration of the house where Muhittin Selamet, one of the most important painters of Antalya, has lived.

Believing that a holiday is about resting the soul as well as the body, Casa Sur was founded with the dream of creating a “well-being center”. Inspired by the power of green, it offers its guests an atmosphere where they can relax and refresh; and makes them feel as if they were in another world by preserving the historic fabric at the heart of Antalya. With its unique atmosphere, the hotel creates a relaxation area away from the crowds and promises a holiday full of happiness.

With the fresh scent of orange trees and tangerines in its garden, Casa Sur creates a perfect environment for meditation and hosts fascinating events with its historic fabric. Each room in Casa Sur is inspired by different styles so that the guests can enjoy a different accommodation experience each time.

During our pleasant meeting, Sena Onder, Business Manager of Casa Sur Hotel, told us about how they started working with HotelRunner, and their HotelRunner experiences.

“HoteRunner exceeded our expectations in terms of support and communication. Before HotelRunner we were working with only one channel. After we started working with HotelRunner, we had the chance to work with many channels. We were able to manage all the availability through one single platform easily. Thanks to HotelRunner’s Booking Engine we started to receive direct bookings from our website. Also, the mobile application makes everything a lot easier. We can update our rates and availability, and add bookings to the system instantly.

I recommend HotelRunner to every hotel that wants a seamless operation, and also cares about guest satisfaction.”

Sena Onder, Casa Sur Hotel, Antalya

You can watch our video for the entire conversation. We thank Sena Onder for this sincere conversation, and the thoughts she shared!

Emre Çorbacı

Marketing Communication Manager

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