HotelRunner takes the pulse of the industry with its own data!

As HotelRunner, we have always worked hard to guide the industry and push it one step further. We know that accurate and instant industrial data is now more important than ever to help our partners. With this awareness, we developed HotelRunner Pulse for you!

With HotelRunner Pulse, our goal is to support the travel industry using the ‘big data’ from the HotelRunner platform, which performs tens of millions of transactions per day, and to give our partners a snapshot of what is happening in the industry during these extremely challenging times. Starting this week, through the special panel we developed, we will provide free access to real data based on bookings made through HotelRunner in the previous week.

Did you know that…

The cancellation rate of bookings for June 2020 and later is lower than the same period of the last year globally,
Confirmed booking volumes are higher than the last year for August 2020 and later,
The average duration of stay in August 2020 is increased by more than 1 day?

HotelRunner Pulse will be updated weekly, and you will be able to access detailed data from the previous week. Thus, you can analyze lots of data points that will guide you through these difficult times into success, such as travel agencies that bring the most bookings, confirmed and canceled booking volumes, average stay durations!


Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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