Meet the emerging new segment of travelers: Generation Clean

The coronavirus outbreak has affected the entire world and all industries including tourism and accommodation. Curfew, travel restrictions, quarantine, hygiene and disinfection concerns brought the accommodation industry to a halt. In this process, while the properties closed their doors to the guests, they had the opportunity to withdraw and evaluate the situation.

On the other side of the coin, there are guests. We are faced with a situation that affects every area of life and directly the humans. The buying habits of the guests have changed completely. In the post-coronavirus period, things that the guests will look for in a property are also changing. Providing the necessary hygiene and disinfection conditions is now more vital than ever. Thus, the “Generation Clean” is slowly emerging.

As of today, nothing we know about tourism will be the same. The properties won’t be hosting Baby Boomers, Millennials or Generation Z. They will be hosting a new generation who are more cautious, more protective, and more investigative.

This generation of travellers will be asking themselves different questions. Who stayed in the room before? When was the room last sterilized? How trustworthy are the properties about their cleaning and disinfection processes? With all these new questions in their mind, it is important to implement the proper safety procedures. As guests will be looking for these elements before they even book a room, you should be able to effectively present the steps you are taking towards cleanliness, within your marketing strategies.

At every step of the guests’ stay, you have to show them that you value their safety more than anything. At this point, it is essential to keep a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting process. Staff should be seen at all times keeping the property up to a very high standard of hygiene. This will constantly remind your guests that you are taking the matter seriously and do whatever is necessary. This will add great value to the guest experience and to the property.

Considering the Generation Clean, you must make cleanliness the main focus of your marketing strategy and, from now on, a part of your brand. This will bring new guests to your property, increase the number of guests incrementally in time, and most importantly, maintain an ease of mind for anyone booking. Approaching this period with diligent precautions and correct execution will be the major key to having a successful business.

HotelRunner can help you show on your website and booking engine, the precautions you take and the extra services you offer for your guests. If you need an extra hand in order to target the Generation Clean and increase your bookings, we are here to help! Contact us now, and let’s discuss how to shape the future of your property!

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